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Success Stories

Hey Guys -

Not sure where to start.. I have all JD's stuff.. I attended a boot camp in August which was fucking awesome, watching him and Johnny Bravo.... sweet.....  I have probably had like 10 consultations on the phone which are all awesome and don't plan on stopping anytime soon.

I would highly recommend talking with him on the phone.  I didn't really have too much trouble with women, but I thought I would try JD's stuff among some of the others to tighten my game up.   I thought what could it hurt.  Like I say I have material from some of the others, but JD's stuff is no bullshit, to the point and you don't have a thousand dollars wrapped up in the whole thing.

The consultations are sort of a process.  It is not something to go into thinking well, I will just have a consultation or two and I'll be on my way.  It doesn't really work that way and if you think about it, it can't really work that way.  He will be like your coach and you will need to "talk" to your coach.

Talking once or twice will not really work.  It is a process, that will allow JD to check you and situation out, you basically see what is going on.

Then he will guide you based on his "overwhelming" experience through what you are doing.  For me, the focus of what we talk about is me getting my ex in the sack.  Which it is going really well.  The first couple times we talked, I thought well, I'm not sure we are getting anywhere here.  But like I mentioned, when you step back and look at it, it is too complicated to think you can talk to someone once or twice and everything will magically be answered.

Also, JD gave me information in stages.

There are things he purposely did not tell me at first regarding my situation.  Again, it has to be this way.  Take anything you are trying to learn or whatever and think what would happen if your teacher told you everything in the first couple minutes.  This would not work so well.

JD is guiding me through my situation in stages based on his knowledge of women.  I have to admit everything is pretty much unfolding exactly as he said it will.

I attribute my new found success to the combination of everything,  not just one thing.

I have all JD's material loaded on my Ipod which I listen to over and over all the time.  All that combined with the boot camp and the consultations works awesome.  I guarantee you that if you try the consultations you will be addicted... I am.... lol.....

You should just go straight to 6 consultations.. you will need 6 just to get your bearings on the situation.  My experience has been combining all these methods works awesome.  Seriously, the alpha attitude/life that all this leads up to will addictive like a drug.  And besides, the money you will spend on this is probably just a drop in the bucket compared to the money you have wasted in the past on women, at least that's how it was for me.  Just try it... I now have women buying me no shit.... later.....

- name and address withheld by request