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Do You Want to be an Alpha Male or Beta Male?

Women can instantly tell the difference between Alpha Males and Beta Males - which one are you?

If you don't know - then it's time to find out the Secrets of the Alpha Male. Because if your goal is more women in your life, quality women in your life, quality relationships and never being whipped again - it's time to take a stand and transform into the Alpha Male you were born to be.

Have you ever felt like you got stuck in the friend-zone?

You do nice things all the time for the woman of your desire, you listen to her problems, you help her move, give her gifts, never try any sexual advances and never seem to get anywhere with her? Then - all of sudden, you wake up one day and she's dating THAT guy - that guy you don't like, and the guy she's been complaining about to you for the past 2 months.

What the heck?!

I Know The Feeling - Because That's What Happened to Me All the Time.

Perhaps it's not totally your fault - after all, we've all been given some pretty bad advice about women and dating over the years - stuff that has us paying for expensive dates and not getting a second date, or even a kiss goodnight!

You may have even had the feeling that your sexual nature and tendencies are somehow bad, and you need to be careful about showing them. Everyone and everything from parents, society, to TV and movies sends us the wrong signals and men grow up confused and frustrated with their identity and lack of success - especially with women.

The Frustration With Women Stops Now - We'll Show You How

The Modern Male Lifestyle has over 42 hours of audio all dedicated to teaching you how to transform yourself into the Alpha Male women want.

  • Conversation Skill
  • Pick Up Lines
  • Perfect Dating
  • Self Control
  • Alpha Behavior
  • Alpha Mindset
  • Seduction
  • Confidence
  • ...And that's just the first 20 hours of audio!

All of the tips, tricks, techniques, exercises and mindset have all been culled from experience and stuff that works. We don't deal in theory or something we've never tried ourselves - you get only the best of the best when it comes to dating, women, relationships and being Alpha.

Below are our current MOST POPULAR audio training courses: 


How to Be an Alpha Male



Learn the Art of Seduction


Master the Pick Up Line


The Best Dating Strategies



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Success Stories

“Mr. Dallas – you are right. I want to be an alpha male because that’s who I was born to be. I can’t help it – all men have this instinct. This program is real and practical – you are the man.”

– Eddie S., WA