First Impressions From A Trio of Ladies – What Can You Learn About Approaching Women?

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When it comes to meeting women, first impressions count. You’ve probably heard the phrase “you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression”, and with dating, it’s never been so appropriate.

You do it as well, of course.

Most of us know very quickly whether or not we are attracted to someone, though we couldn’t say why it is. If you’re struggling to get past the initial stages with the object of your affection, it’s worth examining what’s happening.

Of course, there is no easy answer, no perfect guide. Every woman is different and has varying things they consider important.

This further complicates the matter, meaning you can never quite be sure what she’s noticing - so is there any way to get an idea?

I asked three women about their first impressions of the most recent guy they continued a relationship (however brief) with. You should begin to see a pattern emerge.

Aesthetics - Did You Notice What He Was Wearing?

Sophia, 28: “Yes, but only vaguely. It was a band shirt, jeans and a pair of Jordan 11s. I thought he looked relaxed and confident in his appearance, without looking scruffy.”

Alexandria, 31: “He was wearing a standard business suit and looked smart and fashionable.”

Maria, 23: “I think it’s good that I didn’t really! I would have noticed if he looked bad I think, but I was too focused on him as a person to notice much. I did once meet someone who tried it on with me, and his shirt was clearly dirty - I declined that date.”

What You Can Take From This: The outfit doesn’t matter, but the condition and cleanliness of it does.

Speaking - What Attracted You About That First Conversation?

Sophia, 28: “He was interested in what I had to say. He kept bouncing questions back to me and nodded along when I replied.”

Alexandria, 31: “He made me laugh, but in a natural way. He wasn’t telling jokes; just making wry observations and he looked pleased when I laughed.”

Maria, 23: “He was confident and kept the conversation flowing, so there were no awkward pauses.”

What You Can Take From This: Be interested in her, not showing yourself off

Continuation - Why Did You Agree To See Him Again?

Sophia, 28: “I was already interested in him, and I felt he was interested in me, too. We seemed to have decent chemistry, and he asked casually, but while making it clear he was invested in my answer.”

Alexandria, 31: “I asked him! Any guy that can be that wry while remaining calm is good by me. I’m lucky he agreed.”

Maria, 23: “He came right out and said that he would like to take me out. No hints or anything, just the direct question. I really appreciated that.”

What You Can Take From This: Be upfront rather than forcing yourself to be casual - the direct approach is always preferred.

While you can never have an answer for every possible woman, the consensus is clear. For the best results, be polite, presentable and forthright - without being demanding.

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