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The Laws of Attraction

Don't you wish women had a sign on them that said, "Yes! I'm Interested in you"? Well, they do! Lots of them actually - most men just can't see them. There are certain laws that govern attraction. This audio program outlines what women are attracted to.

The Laws of Attraction
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Over 2 Hours

Written and Spoken by: JD Dallas

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Price: $35.72, List: $89.00 - Save: $53.28!
Description: Know how to attract her - when she's interested, and when she's not - new techniques
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Includes powerful attraction and confidence exercises

So - quick question: How many times have you thought: "I wish women just had a sign on their head that said whether or not they were interested in me..."? Or something similar, at least.

Wouldn't that be great?

A little red light that goes off and says, "Hey - she's into you. Proceed with your pick up"!

Well, guess what?

Women actually do have a signal. Many of them in fact.

But most men totally miss them!

Imagine the confidence you would have if you were talking to a woman, and she simply told you that you were doing great and she was growing in attraction for you.

I'm here to tell you - women do this all the time. All you have to do is be aware of it, and then escalate to the next level.

It's tragic that men are so misguided that they have no idea when a woman is giving them the "green light" - but it happens all the time - everyday.

In my brand new (out yesterday) audio training The Laws of Attraction- I'll give you 5 surefire signals that women give men every day to let them know, yes she is attracted to you.

Knowing when a woman is subtly responding to you is key!

But that's not all - did you know there are some simple, easy changes you can do right now to make yourself more attractive to women?

Basic stuff that I see men NOT DOING every time I walk out the door.

Which is great for me - makes my job much easier when I have the advantage over the competition.

There are some things you can do to be a master pick up artist- and one of them is knowing how to show your value.

Although I'm constantly teaching men how to make the transition from beta to alpha male - I understand that a lot of guys need and want to know the art of the pick up.

This sort of thing comes naturally to an alpha.

During a pick up situation, I am able to get a woman I just met making out with me within 10 minutes.

It doesn't happen every time - but it happens a lot.

The week before I recorded The Laws of Attraction audio training program, there I was - out in the "the field" and found myself in another pick up situation. You know, out with friends at a bar.

Pretty typical.

If you've never had the chance to see a PUA in action - you need to listen to The Laws of Attraction.

I describe in detail exactly what went down during a recent pick up where I met a woman in a crowded club, and had her outside on the patio kissing me within 10 minutes of meeting her.

There are several key elements to pulling this off - like fast-forwarding comfort and familiarity, the progression of physical familiarity, and more.

But rather than explain all the nuts and bolts of the theory behind all this, I simply detail exactly what I did and said, and how it turned out - so you too can use my techniques.

And that's not all - included in this powerful, all-new audio is an effective subliminal programming excercise you can do right away to increase your confidence and attractiveness to women.

This exercise is so simple - you simply listen and repeat the mantras I personally use every day to build my confidence and think like and alpha male.

It's all included in the The Laws of Attraction.

And if you thought it couldn't be any better than that - check this out.

The Pick Up Artist game includes lots of demonstrations of value.

Things as simple as leading a conversation or as tricky as doing a magic trick.

Yeah - that's what master PUA's do.

They immediately set themselves apart from the crowds of beta guys by demonstrating their value to a woman or a group of women.

So for those of you who aren't Mysterio the Magician, I've included a sure-fire little "trick" you can do today that will have people thinking you can read their mind. It's so simple - and I've been doing it for years - that nobody ever figures it out.

I call it the "3 Questions Gambit" - and it's dynamite.

Don't bother googling it - it is, like all of my material, an exclusive technique I've developed right here at the Modern Male Lifestyle.

I want you to have this over 2-hour audio program now - so we've made it available for instant download.

You can also listen now to 6 audio bites from this amazing new audio training - as well as all my other programs - for free on this page.

The Laws of Attraction are just that: laws. There are hard and fast rules that govern interactions with women, and we lay it all out for you.


  • JD's exclusive "3 Questions" gambit designed to amaze and show your value.
  • Step-by-step how in-field techniques worked to get a woman kissing within 10 mins of meeting her
  • The definitive list of signs a woman is attracted to you - and how to proceed
  • 10 Signs she is not  attracted to you - that most men miss
  • How to make yourself more attractive to women - now
  • The big differences between the "attractive guy" and the "unattractive guy" - which one are you?
  • Powerful affirmation exercises - get results in the first week!
  • More insight into the mind of a woman - how your behavior can attract - or repel - her

The Modern Male Lifestyle is proud to bring you our latest powerful audio training - the kind of real, practical advice and techniques you've come to expect and trust from MML.

Get started immediately with this instant download audio training program.

Portions of this audio are designed to be listened to every day - for a deep, inner-game changing experience that can transform any man into a confidence machine.

Learn the Laws of Attraction - and win the game.

Just $41.00



Customer Reviews

5.0 stars5.0 stars5.0 stars5.0 stars5.0 stars How to tell she is interested. Posted: 4/3/2012
How to tell she is interested. I get a "signal"....a "sign". Is this for real? Well...maybe she is just playing around. I'll just give a DUMB SMILE and blow it off. If I try to respond, she'll just shoot me down. I'll look like a fool in front of everyone.Ever felt like that? This audio explains the signs and signals, and what to do with them. You should feel good about wanting to responding to them, engaging in talking to her. Also, signals she is NOT into you, and not losing your Alpha attitude in the process. A must have for Alpha training.
Reviewer: Lou from EnfieldCt