Friend or Boyfriend – You Have to Move Fast

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MML Tips
w/ JD Dallas

Move In Fast

No - don’t get a house or apartment with her.

What we’re talking about today is putting to rest the tired practice of men “taking it slow” with a woman (and boring her to tears). I’ve received more than a few questions about this recently…

“Am I coming on too strong?” “Should I be more a friend first before trying any moves on her?” “What do you mean by ‘move in fast'”?

And so on. Here are the nuts and bolts of what “moving in fast” is all about. If you are meeting a woman for the first time, or going on a priming date (as described in “The Perfect Date - Volume One“) it is essential that you show your interest - sexually and otherwise - in a woman right away.

Now, in some of my materials you will hear me talk about “making a connection with a woman” before proceeding with your “moves”.

Let’s not confuse this - it’s important for you to evaluate her and see if you are even interested in her in the first place. But once and if you are - you need to let her know. There are a lot of specific ways to do this - but in general you need to have some physical contact, drop in a compliment, and cut to the chase.

You see - on this first date or initial meeting or pick up, a woman is wondering just as you are if the person they are talking to is “into them”.

So answer that question for her.

Do not ever be afraid to “check her out,” for example. Use the “eyes-feet-eyes” method of looking her over.

This is where you are talking with her, looking her in the eyes, then you briefly scan her body (down to her feet and back up to her eyes) and then smile and continue the conversation. It seems subtle, but it is very, very powerful.

And it shows you know how to handle yourself around an attractive woman - not staring at her boobs like a lot of guys will do. It also lets her know you are interested in evaluating her sexually and physically.

This is just an example of “moving in” - not just having a friendly conversation about the weather and letting her wonder…”Is this guy a potential friend or potential boyfriend”?

And believe me - women size you up fast. They will categorize you based on your actions toward her within the first few minutes of meeting her.

This is why YOU have to move fast.

I have had a lot of success the more confident I grew in my approaching simply looking at a woman properly when I just meet her - regardless of what we were talking about. Don’t be afraid to hold that eye contact with her - and smile just a little. A little sly smile - like you know something that just she and you know.

Don’t be afraid to hold her hand a bit longer than a normal handshake. Build quick physical comfort this way.

I like to, when I introduce myself, make sure that while we’re shaking hands I don’t immediately let go. I like to drop the handshake into almost “hand holding” while I give her that smile and compliment her on her “amazing eyes.”

Then slowly let go of her hand. Moving in fast doesn’t take much at all. It’s the little things you do that make the big differences. This is why “coming on too strong” isn’t even necessary. Women like the clandestine cat-and-mouse game.

And while they like direct and honest men - it’s definitely an advanced technique to be confident enough to just say, “Hey - I may like you…and I’m going to hit on you now.”


The take-away for you here is this:

Scrap the “move slow” and be friends stuff. Get some physical contact in, check her out the right way, smile, and let her know you are interested in her - not as a friend but as a potential partner in adventure.

Women who are single and looking for men will respond. Not every woman will respond positively - which again is why it’s good to let her know you want her. If she’s not interested or available, you don’t waste a lot of time on her.

And some guys waste years! I don’t like to waste more than 10 minutes. I’ve been doing this so long that within 10 minutes I’m in one of three stages with her:

• moving on
• exchanging numbers
• making out

All of the precise moves and techniques are in all of my audio training. You can become a master in no time - I share exactly what I do and have had success with no matter what program you are listening too. It’s all tried-and-true methods.

Here are some basics you can use now:

• Touch her elbow when she is laughing.
• Compliment her eyes.
• Check her out (eyes-feet-eyes)
• Hold hands a bit too long during/after a handshake
• Use the “high five” and “hip bump”
• Tell her “give me your number” while you have your phone out
• “Pick a piece of fuzz” out of her hair
• Don’t act, think, or talk like a “buddy” or a friend to her

More stuff coming next week –

Live the lifestyle,