10 Rules to Survive a Night of Drinking

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10 Rules To Survive a Night of Heavy Drinking

We have all been there. We might not remember every detail but for one reason or another we’ve all walked on the edge in a bar, we have all crossed that fine line between staying sober or taking the blackout train. Maybe you were having a dark night with your soul, maybe you were having too much fun with your mates, or maybe you just needed some liquid courage to start hitting on every girl that crossed your path. Whatever the reason I am sure it was, at that specific point in time, a valid one.

But lets face it: drinking makes you careless, sometimes even stupid. The key is to be a funny drunk, a lovely mess. So if you want to get drunk with style and survive a night of heavy shots follow these rules, they will make your life easier and your night will be somehow special.

Rule Number 1: Never, ever, ever drink a girly drink in public. You don’t want to be remembered for that. It will bite you in the ass every time you go out with your mates.

Rule Number 2: If the barmaid is slammed, do not order a complex and sophisticated drink. Resist the urge to feel like James Bond and do not order a vodka martini, shaken not stirred bla bla. Stick with beer or shots. She will appreciate that and she won’t ignore you the next time you are at the bar.

Rule Number 3: Once you are tipsy, remember this: If a woman accepts a drink from you she still might NOT like you. I know it’s painful. Let it sink in.

Rule Number 4: Men don’t drink from straws. I don’t need to explain this one.

Rule Number 5: Never shout “woo-hoo!” when doing shots. This is acceptable only if you are with some girls.

 Rule Number 6: Asking a bartender what beers they have on tap when the handles are right in front of you is the equivalent of saying I’m a blind idiot.

Rule Number 7: If you like someone from the bar staff tip well.

Rule Number 8: Never tell a bartender he or she made your drink too strong.

Rule Number 9: After 5 or 6 beers do not look at yourself in the mirror. You will look like crap, and the truth is, it will only get worse. You don’t want to kill your confidence.

Rule Number 10: Never argue with someone from the staff. You will be in trouble with them, with the police and you will look like dumbass.

Pay your tab and leave.

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