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Trakline_Evolve_Stainless_Steel_Black_Belt__10784.1435200068.1280.1280When Kore Essentials asked me to test-drive their signature Trakline men’s belt “system” – I was instantly skeptical.

How in the world do you improve upon one of the staples of men’s dress and casual wear that’s been around since sometime between fire and the automobile?

I mean – a belt is a pretty simple device. Wrap it around – try not to miss the belt loops – and pick a belt hole that approximates your waist size.


Pants don’t fall down.

Add a spiffy belt buckle, and you have a minor fashion statement.

So when I opened the promptly-delivered package I was, at least, curious to see if there was something new here, or it if it was just another moderately-priced men’s accessory item.

The first thing I was struck by:


That’s right - no more one-inched spaced, poor fitting, stretched out, belt holes to deal with.

What I found was a mid-to-high quality leather belt (you cut the belt to size among clearly-makred size increments) that had, as the Kore Essentials website describes it: “…a modern, hidden track sewn into the back of the leather belt that offers you over 40+ size positions in small ¼” increments”.


See the picture on this page for a visual – because it is hard to describe.

This little “click” system is the cat’s ass. Especially if you hate those belts you have hanging around that are too tight on this belt hole, but too loose on the next.

And while saving about 10 seconds per morning getting dressed is neither here nor there, I did love the ease and quickness involved in latching the belt. And it is even quicker to adjust – like after that big meal. Just a flick of the locking mechanism and it is perfect size, every time – locked and secure.

There are several styles of buckle available - all of which are well-made and attractive in a variety of settings.

I will say the belt-release may take some getting to used for the women in your life – but you can help her out just fine with one hand and the belt unlocks and slips off slick and quick.

A nice little bonus.

I drove this belt around for 35 days before writing my impressions here. The leather and track “system” have held up like they were still brand new. I put the belt through its paces with my suits, dress-casual and denim pants and related activities.

The Company’s mission statement lived up to the product: We set out to redefine those essential accessories you use each day… blend innovation with superior materials to create unique, more exciting products that exceed expectations.

I only stop at saying the materials are superior – they are however, in my opinion, above average and toward the higher-end.

Otherwise, Mission Accomplished.

Highly recommended by the Modern Male Lifestyle.

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