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MenEssentials is a Men’s bath/shave product line housed in a Website that offers more than just shopping for aftershave.

They offer a legit newsletter, and plenty of informative content and video-casts on their site that it’s at least worth a drive-by for any man looking to improve his appearance. There are dozens and dozens of brands represented, as well as hair, bath, shaving, accessories, and other products.

can-00023_1The Modern Male Lifestyle recently had the good fortune of testing a few of the products from MenEssentials. Their tag-line is: Look and Feel Awesome

While I’m not sure they have the transformative technology to guarantee THAT – I do know I personally had a few awesome experiences with the products I tried.

First off – I am currently able to Smell Awesome, which although isn’t mentioned in the company’s tagline, it is definitely a service they can provide.

California North All 4 Fragrance Sampler
Contains four travel-sized bottles of California North’s classic American fragrances.

Fresh, subtle and clean scents in easy to carry tubes.
Set includes:

  • California North Eau de Toilette
  • O2XYGEN Eau de Toilette for Men
  • O2XYGEN Eau de Toilette for Women
  • Richardson Bay Spray

First off – please note there is a woman’s fragrance included. This turned out nice, as I tossed it to my favorite femme and she was impressed and appreciative.

Her comment – “it is fruity – like nothing I’ve tried before. Thanks!”

As for the men’s fragrances I have tried –
Richardson Bay Spray. Easily my favorite – although I do like all three very much. This is a dark, spicy scent with a slightly alternative bent. Think: somewhere between Goth and Rock Elder Statesman.

The O2xygen For Men – very thick and fruity, like the women’s version, and gives off a very just-showered, clean vibe. Reminds of bottle-service guys at a dance club.

The California North – very “manly” according to my female counterparts. Slightly salty, and works good when she’s in-close. I’d wear this in the evenings – not to work. It’s a definitely a “here comes the sex” fragrance for a man.

The four bottles come exactly as you see packaged on this page.

The “travel size” one-shot spray bottles are brushed silver and small and convenient. I’ve had mine for 2 months now and don’t seem to be running out of any of the scents so far.

In addition, unlike other fragrances at this price-point, every one of the three I have been using last – not just in quantity as stated above, but you put it on and it’s still there 5 hours later. There’s nothing I hate more than spending the cash for a scent at ANY price point that smells great from the bathroom to the front door and then is gone within minutes.

At a list price of $24.00 I was quite impressed with the quality and sustainability of the scent set.

Get it here:

Recommended by Modern Male Lifestyle

ev-ffb_1_2MenEssentials also provided me with a bottle of their Elvado after-shave balm.

For those of you who care, this is a bio-pure, vegan, herbal lotion.

I don’t know from all that, but what I did like about this product is, first of all, that it’s fragrance free. Too many times my cologne, body spray, bath soap, aftershave etc. are all competing for fragrance space and wind up creating a confusing hybrid of smells, or cancelling each other out.

This is not to say the product has no smell – it does. But it is just the odor of the ingredients, not overwhelming at all, with no additional fragrance added.

The function of this product is that it is very soothing to the skin immediately after shaving, and has a pore-tightening agent that helps prevent those red marks and skin breakouts.

I’m not usually one for the herbal-vegan-organic-so-and-so, but I was impressed how great this stuff made my skin feel. It wasn’t greasy afterwards, not extra scent to deal with, and a visually calming result on those irritated areas, like my neck, after shaving.

Recommended by the Modern Male Lifestyle.

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