10 Things She Really Wants To Hear From You

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Normally we talk about how to “get” women, how to go on dates, sex moves, Alpha Lifestyle…well, okay, the list is endless.

It may surprise you, however, that a lot of my readers and students are young men, guys, older men, dudes, etc. that are already IN RELATIONSHIPS.

Maybe you’re married, have a long-term girlfriend, or you have some significant other you are currently dealing with and trying to keep up with. Maybe you need a spark – maybe you’re on cruise control. All I know is that I hear from 100s of men every day from all walks of life in all types of relationship statuses.

One thing is for sure – regardless of what your current state may be, Men often have a hard time conveying to a woman that they are interested in more than the regular sex.

If you want to command her attention, and get her thinking about you as more than a booty call, we’ve come up with some things to say to that woman you adore.

These are things that let her know you adore her – things she wants to hear – and why they work.

Oh, and if it’s been a while since you were this sincere, she may look at you like, “oh…really…?” And all you have to do is act a bit crestfallen and say, “It meant a lot to me to tell you that/ask you that…”

Enjoy and use responsibly.

1. I love how much you love to read.

This one gets to them – because “I love how intelligent you are” sounds like bullshit to them. So let them use their intelligence to figure out you just meant, “I love how intelligent you are”.

Direct from dozens of women, they want you to think they have a lot of interesting things to say. And they adore when you are genuinely curious about their opinion, political stance, or take on this or that thing.

You may even learn something from her.

2. I cherish you.

It’s a word not used often enough – yet an easy one to stick in your arsenal. “Cherish” says she is the world to you, and you feel lucky to have a girl like her who doesn’t come around very often in this crazy, cruel world.

Think about it, dude. Is there something you own that you really do cherish? You just told her she’s irreplaceable – one-of-a-kind.

3. I’m really proud of you.

Be careful you don’t say it a patronizing way. And if she’s skeptical, remember the crestfallen tip at the beginning of this article.

What this means to her is that you believe she is admirable and has accomplished something in life.

4. Tell me more about [whatever the hell she keeps talking about].

What this does is let her know you care about the things she cares about, and you are genuinely interested. What a guy.

5. I was going to tell you that you’re hot and sexy. But seriously, I don’t think those words are strong enough for how I feel about you.

Sounds cheesey, but this one works. What you want to tell her next is that she’s beautiful instead because, “..that does a better job of telling you that what makes you attractive is a combination of your physical and personality traits”.
Even if she’s a great piece of ass, this says, “you are so much more than a great piece of ass”

6. I’m sad that you didn’t succeed at [whatever her scheme was]

…not because I care, but because you do.

Translation: What I have for you is not false praise or my salary, I just want to be with you every day, and your goals and dreams become mine. Oh, my – can you both handle this one?

7. I’m not saying that you are perfect. I’m just saying that I wouldn’t change anything about you.

Loverman language decoded in her mind: I love every part of you because that’s what makes you so unique and attractive to me.

She really wants to know that because she IS NOT LIKE all those other women is why you love her.

8. Your personality is one of my favorite things about you.

Even the super-hotties want to know you feel this way. At the end of the day, any reasonably attractive woman gets tired of the “nice ass” vibe from you and every other normal dude.

She knows you think she is pretty – but when you tell her what you really love is how well you get along, how fun she is, what a goofball she is – she will think you will never get bored with her.

Is that more important to me than the fact that you’re physically attracted to her? Not to you, perhaps – but her, definitely.

9. Few people know a lot about [insert any hobby or interest here].

So even though I’m completely clueless about it, I love that you’re passionate about it.

And I’ll do everything I can to learn more about it from you because I’m interested in things that interest you, even if they don’t interest me directly.

10. You could go on a camping trip, wake up after 3 days with no shower, and I’d think you were absolutely gorgeous.

Why? All women think they sleep “ugly”. And truth be told, no one wants to be filmed drooling, snoring and tossing and turning. But as mister wonderful, I’ll never stop thinking you’re adorable when you sleep, whether you’re in a peaceful slumber, a drunken blackout, on my couch, in a tent, whatever and wherever.

These 10 little things to say will do wonders for your relationship and cement your role as her Candy-Man – someone she feels GOOD being around, because you help her feel GOOD ABOUT HERSELF.

And finding people who make us feel good about ourselves is a treasure – especi

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