Who Hooks Up with the Hotties? Should be You…

by | Sep 24, 2015 | PodCasts |

Maya Jordan Speaking the Truth

Maya Jordan Speaking the Truth

I sit down with the fabulous Maya Jordan - a Playboy Radio personality, Dating Coach, Writer and total sex fiend.

We talk about those hot chicks that are out there “doing it” all the time - and how exactly are they hooking up?

Maya talks about the kind of man who can get her for a one-night or one-week stand, some of her experiences with hooking up, and reveals a few tips on how guys either blew it or got to meet her on Tinder.

Maya is always sexy, funny, honest and always eager to help men - and women - with their sex lives.

Listen up and then check out all of Maya’s social media:

Maya on: Website Twitter Facebook

Link from this show: The Online Dating Success and Survival Guide

“I’m not looking to coach my lovers anymore. I’m looking for someone who knows who they are.” - Maya Jordan from this episode

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