4 Things That May Cause Your Relationship to Suffer

by | Sep 30, 2015 | Exclusive Tips Articles |

Are you in a relationship that seems a bit rocky and don’t know why?

Perhaps it’s down to one of the four reasons below:

Her Friends

It’s not uncommon for your relationship to be affected by outside sources.

These outside sources are usually her best friends who haven’t taken a liking to you. There are probably a lot of guys out there who can relate to dating someone and having all her friends disapprove of you.

You’d think that as long as the two of you were happy, they wouldn’t care, right? Wrong. Disapproving best friends will do their best to tell your girlfriend they disapprove of you. If you do anything wrong, or have made bad decisions in the past, you can bet they’ll be in her ear whispering away. Constantly hearing negative things about you can plant seeds of doubt in your girlfriend’s mind.

As a result, your relationship starts to suffer, and things can turn sour very quickly. It usually ends with her choosing her best mates over you, and the relationship coming to a close.


Anyone that’s been in a relationship will tell you that distance changes things. If you’re both living at opposite ends of the country, it can be tough not seeing each other every day.

When you really like someone, you want to be with them as much as you can. Distance will put a strain on things and make it difficult for you to have a functional relationship.

Most long distance relationships never work out because both people agree they can’t deal with so much space between them. But, what I will say is that if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be. Two people that are meant for each other can make the distance work.


One of the biggest causes of failed relationships is addiction.

This covers addiction to almost anything, but, more specifically, drugs and alcohol. If you have a drug addiction, it’s obviously going to affect your relationship without you even knowing it.

The two of you could be finished, and you wouldn’t know why. But, if she’s suffering from addiction, then you can still try and save the relationship. Check her into a rehab centre, like Sanford House, and get her the help she needs.

If you can banish the addiction, perhaps there’s still hope for the two of you.

Her Ex

A lot of relationships end up failing because of her ex.

Well, he might not have directly done anything, but he’s the source of the failure. A lot of guys can get jealous of their girlfriends ex, even if he’s not around anymore. You feel like you’ve got to be better than him in all areas of the relationship.

Some guys even think that their current girlfriend is still in love with her ex-boyfriend. Like I said, some guys can get really jealous! All this jealousy at an ex will soon boil to the surface and end up in a row that sees her leaving for someone a lot more mature than you.

If you want my advice, stop dwelling on the past and focus on your own relationship with her.


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