Personal Integrity and Your Authentic Self

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bookcoverChrysalis: A Dark and Delicious Diary of Emergence chronicles Rachelle’s heart-wrenching, heart-healing metamorphic year. It is a profound and provocative memoir of forgiveness, acceptance, and self-love.

Ed Note: And trust me, gents, men will enjoy reading it too. I did. - J.D.




Listen Here to Interview with Rachelle Chartrand

by J.D. Dallas | Modern Male Lifestyle

Rachelle is an award-winning screenwriter and past-president of Women in Film & Television Vancouver. She has been involved in the film industry for over fifteen years, first as an actress, then as a creative producer of numerous short films, including a co-production shot in South Korea, and now as a full-time screenwriter and script consultant.

In this episode of the MML Podcast, I talk to Rachelle about her recent book, “Chrysalis” and along the way we uncover some interesting insight not only into the mind of a female, but into the minds of possibly all of us.

Rachelle’s take on men, promiscuity, alcoholism, self-worth and the power of writing things down is honest, revealing and sometimes thought-provoking.

In the end, there are some valuable techniques to learn regarding finding your authentic self - and that the only person you need to be honest with is yourself when it comes to finding personal integrity. Visit Rachelle’s Website Here

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