Show That New Girl that You are Really Into Her (from Her)

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If you’ve been on a few dates now, you might be starting to think about the longer term prospects of your relationship. Whether you’ve made it to the more intimate stages with her or not, you might be keen to let her know that you want to be with her more seriously.

Exclusive relationships can often be a girl’s preference. Not all guys want to be there early on. But if you’ve fallen for your girlfriend, there are several ways you can tackle telling her:

Wait for her to figure it out

You could be waiting a long time. If she’s not that into you, she might not be looking for the telltale signs that you want to be serious with her. There may be throwaway comments about other dates she’s been on. Or maybe she prefers to spend time with her girl pals than with you.

If you are waiting a while, maybe she’s just not that into you. Of course, it could be she’s keeping her guard up because she doesn’t know you really like her!

Write her a text, letter, poem, song

A text is one thing, but a song can be a little intense and creepy (unless you are in fact an established performing artist). You need to consider carefully the content of anything like this. The last thing you want is for it to go viral on social media and be treated like a joke.

Keeping it casual may not be an option if she isn’t great at picking up what you’re trying to say. Try to speak in her language. Saying you want to spend more time with her could be a better option than asking if she wants to go out again really soon.

Buy a gift

When it comes to buying gifts for a girlfriend, it needs to have a purpose. Too many ‘I saw this and thought of you’ gifts could put her off. But if you’re looking for top gifts to consider for your girlfriend this Christmas then you have a reason to buy the present.

Now think carefully about what you give her. It needs to be something special. That doesn’t need to mean expensive. It means something that is special to her. Buy something that shows you listen to her. If she says she’s into running, why not buy her a good pair of sports headphones?

The gift doesn’t need to be sentimental or about your pairing together. At this stage, you want to let her know you are thinking of her, and you love things about her as an individual. She’ll see you as thoughtful and accepting her just as she is.

Candlelit dinner for 2

A romantic meal in a top restaurant can be a wonderful way to say you’re keen to be with her a while. Romance is something that doesn’t often come up in the early part of a relationship. Romance is usually associated with love and deep feelings. If your dates have been quite casual up until now, then a romantic dinner will certainly speak volumes to her about your feelings.

You can use this meal to speak to her more about where the relationship stands. If this is a bit too intense at this stage, then keep the conversation light. If all goes well at the end of the date, you can let her know you would like to spend more quality time with her.

Flowers and a card

All good dates should be followed up. Flowers and a card sent to her workplace will certainly confirm that you are really into her. Red roses are the best symbol of love. If you think that is too much too soon, then opt for something in pink. Your local florist will be able to advise you on the meaning of flowers.


What you write in the card is very important. Keep it down to three points. You need to thank her for a wonderful date. Say a few words about what you enjoyed most of your date. Then finish it off with a firm date booking for sometime soon.


What to avoid

If the ‘L’ word hasn’t come up, or if you’re not certain that’s where you are, try not to use it under pressure. Definitely don’t get down on one knee or offer up diamonds at this stage. Public declarations of passion and love for her are also probably best to be avoided. Don’t shower her with expensive gifts and jewelry. And don’t demand to meet her father. Give her space to breathe!

Let your relationship develop. You need to have experiences together to get to know each other well. Enjoy the time you spend together, and let things happen in their own time naturally.

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