How to Christmas Shop for ALL the Women in Your Life

by | Oct 25, 2015 | Exclusive Tips Articles |

Christmas is approaching very quickly.

And with Christmas comes the need to start present shopping. Buying gifts for women can be enough to scare even the bravest man. Get it wrong and there will be trouble.

However, get it right and you will be able to do no wrong from that point onwards. There is much at stake here, gentlemen, so if you haven’t started Christmas gift planning, it might be time to begin.

There are a couple of things that all men run into every shopping season. One is the way they put it off until they absolutely have to do it, and the other is what in the world does my daughter, niece, sister, wife, girlfriend, mother….etc…actually WANT?

Almost every man loves to wait until the last minute. Christmas eve in most cases.

A survey by the Australian National Retailers Association found that men are two and a half times more likely than women to do their shopping in the last few days before Christmas.

In the UK, one major department store claims they know when men start Christmas shopping each year because sales of the country’s best-selling festive perfume, Chanel No. 5, start rising.

According to Ruth Attridge of the retailer Debenhams: “It’s like a starting pistol going off. As soon as we see sales of Chanel No. 5 rising, we know that men have begun the race to get their Christmas shopping done. Men have a totally different way of shopping. They just want to get into store, pick up the items they want as quickly as possible – and leave”.

Over in Canada, retail analyst David Gray confirms that men in North America are also more likely to start Christmas shopping later.

He told CBC news in British Columbia that “guys like me who maybe have put it off are not big fans of the shopping experience.”

And in the U.S.A. too, even though men and women may be just as likely to be out shopping on Christmas Eve, men are more likely to be hitting the shops for the first time. According to Erik Gordon, director of the Center for Retailing Education and Research at the University of Florida, who conducted a survey on Christmas shopping habits: “Men are going to be just starting shopping. They’re in a panic. What size does she wear? Does she like blue? A woman is there shopping for the 56th time still trying to find the solar-powered remote control her husband mentioned in his sleep six months ago.”

So, bearing in mind that as with all gender stereotypes, this won’t apply to all men or women—here’s a list of five possible reasons why men are more likely on average to start shopping for Christmas presents later than women

1. Men get less satisfaction out of gift buying Research into gift buying has revealed that women on average are more likely to treasure the gifts they received for their meaningful or symbolic value. Women are also more likely to be satisfied with the gift they chose to buy for others.

If men place less meaning and symbolism on the gifts they receive and gain less satisfaction from buying presents, then maybe it’s not surprising that we don’t all rush out to finish our Christmas shopping in November.

2. Men don’t want to buy the gifts that women want to receive Surveys frequently reveal that men and women have different preferences in terms of the gifts they prefer to give and receive. This year, a survey by found that while 54% of women want jewelry, only 30% of men want to give it. Meanwhile, more men (31%) want to give sporting goods, but only 19% of women want to receive them.

3. The thought of buying and receiving presents makes us anxious In 2008, a survey by a British retailer revealed that men are more likely than women to feel anxious about both giving and receiving gifts. It isn’t unusual to procrastinate when the thought of doing something that makes you anxious so maybe the last minute shopping spree is just men’s way of managing our gift-related anxiety?

4. Gift buying isn’t men’s way of expressing love According to Dr Gary Chapman, the author of The 5 Love Languages, there are five key ways that men and women express their love which are: quality time, words of affirmation, physical touch, acts of service and receiving gifts. According to Dr Chapman’s book, our tendency is to show love in the “language” in which we prefer to receive love. Chapman concedes that “it may be true that more men have Physical Touch and Words of Affirmation as their love language and more women have Quality Time and Gifts.”

This may explain why some men aren’t as motivated to buy gifts, but according to Chapman, if you partner experiences and expresses love through receiving gifts then it’s a “love language” you’ll want to learn if you want to create a “healthy emotional climate” for your relationship.

5. Men love the challenge of a one-day hunt According to CBC news in Canada, some men revel in the adrenalin rush of the last-minute gift-hunting expedition. As one Canadian man said: “I always want to think of the perfect thing, and it usually comes to me when there is time pressure.” Another male shopper on the other side of the world told the Herald Sun in Australia that there is just one rule that “blokes” need to follow when embarking on a one-day present hunt: “get here early and leave here early.”

Of course  not all men will conform to the global gender stereotype of shopping late for Christmas—-and there will be some women who also leave it until the last minute. Whether you’re buying gifts right up until shops close on Christmas Eve or whether you finished wrapping your last present weeks ago - you need to know all the women in your life, and how to buy for them.

To get you started, here are a few ideas on gifts to buy for ALL the women in your life.

Girlfriend or Wife

This is probably the most important one to get right. Your partner will never forgive you if you get yet another bottle of perfume. It is time to get imaginative and really think about what she loves. From that you can plan a spectacular gift.


If your girlfriend usually has to do all the holiday planning, it could be a fantastic idea to surprise her with a fully booked holiday. This doesn’t even mean you have to spend a fortune.

Thanks to so many budget airlines flying from the UK to Europe, you can grab a bargain. Plus, there are lots of great package deals too which won’t make you wince at the price. Imagine the surprise on her face when you tell her that you’ve booked a holiday to somewhere she’s never been.


Win brownie points with something homemade. A scrapbook of all your favourite memories shows so much effort and thought. You can put together a book of photographs, stories and memories to tell your partner all the things she needs to hear.


It is only natural that you want to treat your mum after everything she has done for you. She has been with you through thick and thin and loves you regardless.


All women love jewellery and your mum is no exception. It might have been a while since anyone last bought her some bling, so it is time for you to top up her collection. She would really love to be able to wear some sparkly earrings, or a gorgeous necklace next time she goes out for drinks with the girls. Guaranteed they will be talking about you all night.


Something she doesn’t already have

You have known your sister all your life, so by now you are probably running short of fresh ideas. There are plenty of unusual gifts for her to be found. How about a hot water bottle with a funky cover to keep her warm all Christmas? Or even a personalised Ferrero Rocher Christmas tree!


Baby or Toddler - When your daughter is this small, she won’t really know what Christmas is about. Keep it simple with something cute and fluffy and you can’t go wrong.

Child - You can use Christmas as a great opportunity to turn gift-giving into something educational. There are so many toys that also inspire learning. Your daughter will be having so much fun she won’t even know she is learning! Two birds, one stone.  

Teenager - This is a more difficult one and really depends on your daughter’s personality. If she’s into fashion, take her on a shopping spree and spend some time together, just the two of you. If she loves books, buy her her favourite novel with a limited edition cover.

Okay, gents.

Since this article is published in October - you now have no excuse for not knowing what to buy - and WHEN to buy it.

Happy shopping, and Happy Holidays!