Country Artist Matt Gary – In the Music Business and On the Road

by | Nov 5, 2015 | PodCasts |

So why do guys first pick up the guitar, anyway? To Get Chicks. Rising star Matt Gary sits down with JD from Modern Male to talk about the music business, how and why a man chases his dreams, and of course some of the crazy stories and benefits of being a musician on the road….


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Bio From Matt’s Website

Growing up as a boy in Kansas City, KS, singer and songwriter Matt Gary decided early that he wanted a career in country music, and he sang everywhere he could, joining the Kansas City Youth Choir, and was soon performing at school, church, and community functions.

As a teenager, he felt a strong affinity for the songs of country performers like Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney, but he also kept a keen ear on various rock and pop artists like Jack Johnson, Keith Urban, and John Mayer and bands like Linkin Park and Maroon 5.

After graduating from high school, Gary attended the University of Tampa, earning a pair of bachelor degrees while still finding time to drive to Nashville and work on song demos. Following his graduation from the university, Gary was finally able to move to Nashville and take a serious shot at his dream.

He developed a working relationship with producer Kent Wells, singing on a series of demos, learning the ins and outs of the business. Eventually, Gary began recording material for his own project, even forming his own independent label, 17 Music Entertainment, carefully managing both the creative and business sides of his emerging career.

~ Steve Leggett