Is Your Partner Cheating? Here’s How To Find Out

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Ever get the feeling your other half is being unfaithful? We all have little insecurities every now and then. But, sometimes those insecurities are valid. Sometimes, there is real cause for concern between couples. Cheating is never okay. Unless you’ve agreed to an open relationship, there is no excuse for sleeping with someone else. That means getting to the bottom of your suspicions, and finding out the truth.

A quick disclaimer before we continue. If you accuse your girlfriend of cheating before you have evidence, things are going to end badly! So, what are the warning signs to look out for? And most importantly, how can you find out for sure?

They suddenly care a lot more about their appearance

If your partner has always spent hours in front of the mirror, then this sign won’t tell you anything. But, if they’re typically quite lazy and methodical about their appearance, you should be able to spot new signs. If they’re suddenly spending a lot longer choosing their outfits and doing their hair, there could be a reason. Who are they trying to impress? Take note of when they put this extra effort in. Do they spend hours getting ready for work, but throw something on in five minutes on your date night? That sounds like a workplace crush if you ask us. Let’s hope it’s nothing more.

They’re suddenly protective about their phone

Is your girlfriend suddenly texting and giggling all the time? Are they hiding their screen from you, and never leaving it alone for a second? If this behaviour is becoming more common, there could be something going on. It’s even more worrying if they’re secretive about it when you ask who they’re texting.

They’re generally elusive and secretive

We can all be quiet and secretive sometimes. Don’t automatically jump to conclusions here. But, if your partner is suddenly very evasive about simple questions, there might be something wrong. If they struggle through simple questions like “why were you at work late tonight?” then suspicions can grow. If they’re having an affair, they’ll generally become more distant and secretive about everything.

So, how do you find out for sure?

So far, we’ve talked about the obvious warning signs. But this isn’t enough to confront them. It’s easy to talk yourself into believing something when you spot one warning sign too. So be wary of jumping to conclusions. But, if you’re sure something is going on, then you need proof! Quite simply, the best way to do it is tape their infidelity. Video or photo proof is irrefutable evidence, and there’s no crawling out from under that rock. It might be heartbreaking to see, but at least you’ll know for sure.

The final sign

If you still haven’t found a sure sign of cheating, there’s another major warning. That’s a lack of intimacy with you. If you and your partner were once very intimate, there may be a bigger reason why the spark has died out.

There’s nothing more gut-wrenching than finding out your partner was cheating. But, it’s always better to know for sure than live in worry!

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