7 Quick Tips to Boost Confidence and Cool Factor

by | Nov 25, 2015 | Exclusive Tips Articles |

As a man, it’s important to have a healthy level of self-confidence. That’s because people will be more willing to listen to and trust what you say. The trouble is; many guys don’t have enough confidence for various reasons.

Don’t worry fellas because all is not lost. It’s possible to boost your self-confidence and increase your “cool factor”! Want to know how to do that? Take a look at the following seven quick tips for more details. These are just some things to consider, and are this guy’s opinion.

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  1. Be a leader, not a follower

One obvious trait of a man that lacks self-confidence is that they seek approval from others. Sure, it’s important to gauge people’s opinions from time to time. But, when you have to keep asking if everything you do “is OK” it oozes low self-esteem.

The answer to this problem is simple: just do what you think is best! If you do something wrong, you will learn from your mistakes.

  1. Don’t be so stressed out all the time

What happens when you act like you’re always stressed out about something? People will assume that the decisions you make in life are always the wrong ones.

Learn to relax and deal with things as they happen. You can’t control every single outcome in your life, so you may as well enjoy the ride!

  1. Get some new clothes and get a new hair style

One way to boost your self-confidence is by having an image makeover. You wouldn’t believe the difference it can make just by getting new clothes and having a new hair style!

You don’t have to go for something sensational. Just be a bit more trendy and you’ll feel so much better about yourself.

     4.Be more hipster

All hipsters are confident, especially as they make such bold statements in their lives. Try to let the hipster ways influence your lifestyle a little. For example, get yourself a Segboard. Or swap your specs for some wide-brimmed glasses.

You don’t need to become a complete hipster. Just embrace some hipster trends in your life to increase your cool factor. I’d avoid wearing shoes without socks, though. That’s just weird!

  1. Take stock of your life

Perhaps one of the biggest ways to boost your self-confidence is by getting more of a handle on your life. For example, sort out your financial woes and get a better-paying job. Move out of home and live in an apartment somewhere.

Show people that you aren’t needy and can take care of yourself. It’s one of life’s best ways to increase confidence and self-esteem.

  1. Be more positive

Nobody likes to be around someone that’s always moaning about something. Negativity isn’t an attractive personality trait. Sarcasm is fine in small doses. But there’s no need to deprecate others all the time.

Being more positive in your life will influence your state of mental health. You’ll also more likely have better outcomes at the things you want to do.

  1. Be a genuine person

Last, but not least, it’s important you are open and genuine with others. Don’t put up a barrier between people, because you’ll only end up getting hurt. Let your personality shine through; after all, it’s an admirable trait to have.

Like I said - these are some go-to, basic ideas to get you started toward being more cool and confident.

I hope at least one or two inspire you to take charge and make changes!


“I think confidence stems from experience. The more you do anything, the better you are at it - and the more confident you are.

Of course, there’s no substitute for looking and feeling your best for an instant confidence boost,”

JD Dallas

Dating Coach, Modern Male Lifestyle