Quick Tips to Impress On A First Date

by | Dec 22, 2015 | Exclusive Tips Articles |

So you finally plucked up the courage to ask out that beautiful girl you see on the way to work every morning.

First of all, you’ll need somewhere to go but more importantly, you need to know how to impress! Here’s a quick how-to guide on what you need to do to thoroughly impress your date.


A man who looks scruffy isn’t going to attract the right attention. Make sure you’re well shaved first off. There’s nothing wrong with having a bit of stubble, or even a full-on beard, both are rather fashionable at the moment.

However, it must be trimmed and sculpted well to give off the right effect. It might be worth getting your haircut or just trimmed before the first date, too.

This will show your date that you’ve tried hard to look good for her. Also, your skin has to look good. Nobody likes a spotty face! If you need skin care for men explained properly to you, then give it a quick search.


Dress Well

Dress to impress on your first date. Don’t go overboard, however.

This isn’t a black tie event!

Be sure to feel comfortable in what you’re wearing so that you’re relaxed on the date. If you’re not comfortable in the clothes that you’re in, then this will show on the date and you’ll look rather foolish.

Stick to what is fashionable, and try to adopt a smart-casual dress code. It’s the safest bet!

Be sure to compliment your date on her outfit too - imagine the hours she’s put into putting it together!


It’s still important to be chivalrous, even nowadays! Be sure to pick her up prior to the date. This is a chance to show off your nice car after all!

Once you’re at the restaurant, for example, pull out her chair and have her seated before you even take off your coat. This shows that you’re putting her first.

From here, the conversation will flow nicely. It’s very chivalrous to let your lady speak first and tell you all about herself. Make sure that you listen and respond to everything she is saying, then, afterwards, it’s time to talk about yourself.

For goodness’ sake, make sure you remember her name, too!


Finally, have a good, harmless flirt. You are on a date after all! Make sure that this person knows that you’re into them. Asking them out alone isn’t enough.

You don’t want to come across as boring and put her off. So, be sure to engage in some lighthearted fun at the table to keep her amused.

You can often charm a girl with humour, but please leave your corny jokes at home - nobody appreciates those! Be sure to compliment her and let her know the reason why you asked her out in the first place. See if she had thought the same things as you when your eyes first met.

Ultimately, if you follow this how-to guide, then there should be a second date! You will have covered all the bases by grooming and dressing well. Plus, being chivalrous and also having a flirt, so don’t worry about trying to squeeze in any more! Good luck.

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