Quick Tips to Dress for Success

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Want to make more success of yourself in business and life?

Well, you might want to try wearing the same kind of clothes every day. According to research, that’s what successful people do - check out this report from Forbes.com for more of the juicy details. Think about it, and it all comes clear. Steve Jobs and his black roll necks.

Zuckerberg and his casual t-shirts. Michael Kors, the fashion designer, who spends his life trying to make people buy more clothes. All of them are iconic - and they all wear the same thing. But the big question is: why? Let’s take a closer look.


It becomes a signature

People are always more receptive and relaxed to things they can predict.

So, it makes sense that public figures wear the same thing every day because it’s great for their personal branding. Picture any of the people listed above and you will imagine them wearing the same clothes as I described.

So, get your signature style, and stick with it. You don’t have to wear the same thing, of course. But, it’s important to develop your style and make it yours if you want to build our persona.  

You don’t care

First of all, when you taste success, you rarely have time for anything else. Plus, there is an element of rebelliousness to the whole clothes thing, too.

For example, did you know that people who wear colorful socks are thought to have more of a rebel streak in them, and be more intriguing and successful? Maybe it’s time to pick up those crazy socks from your local store after all. The point is when you are successful, why should you care what other people think about the clothes you wear?

Less decision-making

Busy people tend to be more successful than those that aren’t.

And that starts first thing in the morning, to the last thing at night. Wearing the same kind of clothes sets you up in a perfect way because you don’t have to make any decisions.

No more questions about whether these pants go with that shirt. You know exactly what to choose, you get dressed quicker, and you can start work sooner.

It’s simple

Becoming a success is the result of making something simple. Think about Steve Jobs and the iPhone. It’s complicated technology, made accessible to the masses.

And his dress style went along with that. Create your uniform, tie everything together, and you will be making your life a lot easier than it was before. Which, again, frees up your time to do better things.

It’s cost-effective

Success leads to money, of course. But, quite often, having money is the only way to succeed. So, free up your cash flow by sticking to your signature style and you will have a lot more to pump into a business idea.

You can start your own company quickly for less than $5,000 these days. If you are spending that on clothes every year, then you could be missing a trick.  


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