Changing Style Along WIth Your Wife

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We all go on about our unconditional love to our partners a fair amount.

I’ve just got through an article on all about it. Since shortly after you met I’m sure you’ve both called each other “immaculate” a few times.

As much as we love someone, you may run into little aesthetic features about yourself you wish you could change for your partner. If you’d like to change your style, then all it takes is a bit of subtlety and sensitivity. Maybe your wife would like you to dress smarter, more casually, or do something with your facial hair.

It’s usually within your grasp. Here’s some tips for changing your style for her.


As you can imagine, one of the hardest parts of this mission can be finding what your wife would want in the first place. While doing this, remind her that you love her, rather than using feigned affection to find out. It’s true that we all have things we’d like to change in our relationships.

This should never mean, however, that we become outright manipulative. Subtle steps could include hinting at hiring an online personal shopper. You can even tease her about a particular feature of her style you’re not keen on to goad a reaction. Make sure to keep this light-hearted and innocent though.

She may be happy that you want to change, but hesitant to say so. Strive to be just as accepting of her criticisms as her compliments, and I mean strive. Make it clear that you’d be more than willing to throw out a few band shirts for her. This article offers some good general tips.

If you want an even more subtle approach, then buy your wife some kind of gift. We all like giving our partners thoughtful gifts. It always gives us a great opportunity to show our affection, but of course there are other benefits.

When you buy your wife new items of clothing (not lingerie!) she’ll be much more inclined to wear them. This is especially true if you choose Valentine’s or her birthday. If you know she likes being in the driver’s seat, go for a coupon. Through this kind of gift, your wife will be exuberant, and may feel like changing her own style herself.

Different women will react differently to receiving just clothes. No matter how desperate you are to see a change, keep her happiness in mind. It’s always a safe bet to throw in some silly novelty items from women’s gift stores.

However you present yourself and however she’d like you to, refreshing your mien is often much easier than you imagine. Even if you can’t, big deal. It’s great to have a wife who will dress and groom herself to your tastes, but better to be in a happy, healthy relationship.

Hint at any kind of aesthetic changes you like, but remember the reason you’re prepared to do it. Neither of you should ever feel like you’re changing the core of yourselves just to please the other!


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