Great Tips For Looking Good!

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‘Take care of yourself’ is a line that has become a little overused and devoid of meaning. Which is a pity as it’s the single key message to making the most of life. When it comes to being a guy, it should be the mantra that we practise every day. Taking care of yourself means that your lifestyle should reflect the steps you take to look good and feel fit.

There is no denying that the two are related. Making the most of both will give you self-confidence. It will help you sharpen your mental attitude and it will have you shining from the inside out with a glint in your eye. Taking care of yourself means adopting a lifestyle that will help you get the most of every situation.

You are what you eat.

To some extent this is true. What you put in counts. It counts in terms of your attitude and the way you feel in the morning. It counts in the amount of energy you have to expend during the day and above all it counts when you want to make the most of your leisure time. There is only so much you can do burning the candle at both ends. The truth is you need to put in before you can get out.

The healthy diet crazes sweeping the world, from cold pressed juices to paleo diets have a lot of sense behind them. Ditch the junk food and start to take an interest in what you eat. You need to find your way forwards but for the most part, a great diet will mean lots of good proteins. It will mean as many fresh fruit and vegetables as you can eat along with good whole wheat carbs to give you energy.

Work it all out

No matter what the weather is doing, get out there and get it on! Working out is vital to everyone. You won’t get anywhere sitting or lying around waiting for the world to come to you. You have been given a body, make the most of it. Hit the marathon trail, get up the mountain, jump on the bike and hit the woods. Exercise wakes up the genes we’ve been transporting around for thousands of years. If the gym is your thing, ensure you are following the right programme for you. If you are working out, let AST-Sports Science help you find the right supplements for developing strength and lean muscle mass.

Looking good

At last, there are some great style gurus and places to get inspiration for real style. It’s never been easier to get into grooming yourself. Find the style that works for you and start to cultivate your look. Ditch the dull grey sweat pants and get yourself some serious tailoring and accessories. Style is about making an effort. It is keeping clean and looking amazing. From your shoes to your hat, there has never been more style choice available. Start to work on your wardrobe and you will notice the difference. Other people will notice it too.

With your diet, exercise regime and great look all of that alpha male advice will start to make real sense. You’ll feel better and you’ll look better. Now you finally are taking care of yourself.


J.D. Dallas at Modern Male has changed the way I think - for the better.

I was the classic push-over, nice guy - constantly getting into the friend zone and being totally frustrated!

It was a small change - something clicked.

As I write this, I have 3 girlfriends - and they ALL know about each other.

JD knows his stuff!

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