Worried That Aging Will Ruin Your Game? Don’t Be

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This blog is aimed at the younger wolves in the pack, as you can probably tell. But, there’s plenty of interest from older gents, or those approaching the mid-point in their lives.

One of the major concerns they have is all about losing their game - not just regarding relationships, but life in general. But you know what? There isn’t a problem. As long as you keep yourself in great shape and stay confident, you can still be a major player. Here are some of the common issues people are worried about - and the advice you need to beat them.

The big picture

First of all, think about the difference between older men and older women. You only have to look to Hollywood to see that. When you consider leading men in the movies, they always have a younger screen partner. Right or wrong, it’s what the movie industry sees as normal.

And, if the statistics they use to cast actors are based on mainstream views, that’s good news for you as you get older. Brad Pitt, George Clooney - in their 50s. Sean Connery won the World’s Sexiest Man at the age of 59! Now, you aren’t going to have the same pulling power as those three screen legends - but there are no excuses for not following their examples.


As you approach a certain age in life, you will start to develop concerns about what you are wearing. Those clothes that suited you in your early 20s are going to look all kinds of wrong as you hit your 40s and above. In fact, as this piece from Esquire explains, you should probably burn them all.

But, the truth is, older men are a lot more stylish that the young guns. They have had the time to develop their look and have the money to pay for it, too. Most importantly, though, they know where to spend the cash, and have a lot more refinement in what they choose to wear. Want to know what it takes to be an older man in the modern age? If so, you should be reading the excellent Art of Manliness online magazine.

It’s packed to the brim with style and grooming advice. It also gives you tips on money, careers, relationships and, of course, those strong skills that everyone should know. Excellent stuff from the core team of writers, and also features guests from the world of fashion and beyond. Check it out here - http://www.artofmanliness.com/.


As I already mentioned, older men get a much easier ride than women of the same age. So, don’t worry about losing those youthful looks in the slightest. As long as you keep yourself fit and healthy, you will still be attractive to the ladies as you get older - maybe even more so in many cases.

The key to everything is confidence. If you can look the part, walk the walk, and appear strong and masculine, you will be attractive. It’s as simple as that. It’s a fact that attractive people are often seen as more approachable. So, you will get all the exposure you need whether you are looking for a new date or a new business client. Regular exercise will keep you in shape - we’ll go into that a little later.

But, as you get older you will have to pay attention to what you eat a little more. Your metabolism suffers a natural slow-down, and although a fitness regime can help, those extra pounds might be harder to shift. Your diet, then, is one of the most important things to think about - so


Older men can still retain a lot of their looks - as long as they keep the weight off. As soon as you add a few pounds, it has an automatic aging effect. Now, of course, the best thing you can do is to watch what you eat. But, making sure you have the strength to back up your slim waistline is just as vital.

There are plenty of fat-blasting exercise and workout programs out there, from P90X to complete body programs. Choose one that fits you, and mix things up a little to keep you interested. It’s also important to focus on all areas of your body - especially as you get older.

We all know about the importance of Leg Day - but when you age, you need to give everywhere the same level of workout to keep a great all around body shape.

Hair issues

Ah, the old problem with receding hair and male pattern baldness. It’s a major problem, of course - but not one that is hard to deal with. For a start, there is plenty of treatment available these days. Head over to https://www.fueclinics.com/ to see the kind of thing on offer.

Then, there’s the acceptance method. So, what - you’re going bald? You’re just joining a large and great community with many famous figureheads. So, embrace your lack of follicles. Shave it off - and keep it off. You’ll spend less time fussing on your styling, and more time concentrating on getting what you need in life. Another issue is grayness- although again, for men, this is a lot less of a matter than it is for women.

There are plenty of dyes available, of course. But, there is nothing wrong with the silver fox look, and some women I know go wild for it.


One area that most younger men don’t worry about is your teeth. The trouble is, by the time you start to think about them, a lot of the damage might already have been done. Time will take its toll on your gnashers - especially if you have led a hard-living life.

If you haven’t been taking the utmost care of them, there is a chance you will lose them sooner than you might think. If you are looking to date younger women, then a good set of clean, straight, white teeth is going to be essential. Any staining, they are going to look as you as older than you are - and it’s an instant turn-off. Teeth whitening is a modern godsend, then. But, also, make sure you are visiting your dentist a couple of times a year because looks can be deceiving.

While whitening can hide a multitude of sins, it will make no difference if your dental health is poor. Those checkups will help you and your dentist stay on top of things - and that will all add up to make you a more attractive prospect.


I’ve touched on this already, but the dating game is no different when you are older than when you are a young gun. However, one of the major differences is that the field you play on is a lot larger. So, if you are worried about reaching a certain age and not finding the right relationship, stop worrying now.

If you want a serious relationship, there are plenty of women around that are ready for that stage in your life. And, if you are still looking to play the game, plenty of younger women will be interested in you. They will benefit from your experience while you will benefit from their lust for life. Take a look at my reply to one of my older blog readers for a more detailed look.

The younger players

There will come a time in your life when you realise that you aren’t down with the kids anymore. So, be cooler. Don’t look at them with envy - you have been there, done that. And, if you are still looking great, there is nothing to be jealous of. You have a lot more to offer women than they do.

And, you will have ironed out all those kinks that you had in your twenties that might have been cute at the time, but ruined your game. Again, it’s all about confidence and being the alpha male. Think the part, and you will start to act the role. Do so, and there is no young gun out there that is going to beat you in a shootout.

The mid-life crisis

Finally, there are plenty of men out there worried about going through a midlife crisis. But, here’s the thing. A mid-life crisis is only called that if you make dramatic changes in your life to recapturing your youth. And, in general, it only occurs if the man in question has left a younger lifestyle many years before and tries to get it back. But what if you never left those days behind, anyway?

If you have always been a flirt, then it’s going to come naturally. If you have always been in the game, you always can be. A mid-life crisis only occurs when there is a significant change in behavior. If you’re living the life you want,  there is no change.

There you have it - some advice about all you folks out there who are worried about getting older. Embrace it - and don’t panic. There will be changes, of course - but make sure that every one of those changes benefits you.

Become the Alpha

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