A Few Surprises Women Love to Get

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We have loads of advice on how to get women already. However, as a woman - I know I like to be kept under your spell once you have me!

 If you’re getting to the point that you’ve already found your girlfriend/wifey material, you need some new tricks. It’s not about hooking them in any more but keeping them hooked. Proper relationships can often start to suffer in the excitement department.

If you’re stumped on ways to keep adding a bit of surprise and life for the moment, don’t worry. We got a few ideas for surprises she’ll genuinely love that’ll keep her hooked.


Give her compliments she won’t be expecting

Everyone likes to get a compliment. What everyone likes better, however, is getting a compliment that fits with how they like to think about themselves. Instead of telling her she looks particularly pretty today, give her a compliment that will actually match what she’s going for.

For example, telling her how stylish she looks on a day out will win you way more brownie points. Appeal to their own sense of worth, not just the usual cliches.


Give her unexpected flowers

Most women absolutely love flowers. It’s just a shame that it seems to be a gift mainly reserved for special occasions or as a consolation for something you’ve done wrong. Buck the trend and present her with something beautiful out of the blue. Go a step beyond the gas station flowers, while you’re at it. Get her something really special from Scent and Violet florist.

She’ll be very appreciative indeed once she sees the effort you’ve gone to (even though it’s really just a click away).


Arrange a sexy weekend getaway

Sometimes the environment can be part of what’s keeping the relationship in a bit of a stagnation. So, ditch that environment. Go somewhere new. Explore things together, have nice meals out and make your own life away from the norm.

There are plenty of sexy getaway locations that you can get to that are bound to keep things fresh and the experiences new. Treat her and yourself and you’ll both be feeling much better for it.


A coupon book

I know, it doesn’t sound that exciting at first glance. But this isn’t a discount shopping flyer - I’m talking about something sweet and special…

In reality, making your own DIY coupon books can add a whole lot of romance and sensuality into a relationship. You can give her coupons for romantic treatments like massages.

Or my faves - you can get downright sexy with them. You can even choose totally banal housework chores that let her get off her feet. Make a whole mix of them and she will absolutely love it. Even better, you can make a coupon book together, one for each of you.

There’s no reason you shouldn’t benefit from a little surprise, right?

Set up a romantic bubble bath

The ultimate de-stressor. Get some scented candles, gather those rose petals, you’re going full hog. Set up the right ambiance when your lady’s going to take a shower or a bath and have all the products she loves just waiting for her.

Play your cards right and the atmosphere might just be enough for more than one of you. Nothing says excitement like a shower turned into an impromptu playtime.


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