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Valentine’s Day has crept up on you, and you somehow have managed to miss all the signs. Maybe you haven’t been shopping much lately, or your girlfriend hasn’t been dropping any hints this year.

Whatever your reason for forgetting, you need to fix it fast. You don’t want to end up in trouble because she’s made big plans and you couldn’t even remember what day it was. It’s never too late to throw something together, especially if your girlfriend hasn’t made any plans yet.

But you might be limited on choice if you want to go out somewhere. Make sure you stay in her good books with these last-minute tasks.


Make Dinner Plans

Valentine’s Day dinner is a traditional way to celebrate. Going out to a restaurant is always a good way to spend time together. But if you’ve left it until now, good luck finding somewhere that isn’t booked up.

Luckily, Valentine’s does fall on a Sunday this year, so you might be able to get away with eating anytime over the weekend. Think outside of the box and do a Valentine’s brunch or lunch instead.

You can also cook at home, which is especially impressive if you don’t usually cook. Just be careful not to choose anything too complicated if you don’t feel at home in the kitchen.

Pick Up a Last-minute Gift

The gift could arguably be the most important part for you to remember. Perhaps you’ve both already made plans together, but you need to hold up your end of the bargain.

Getting a gift is never easy, but rushing to buy one at the last minute is even harder. Just try to stay away from cliche flowers and chocolates. It’s especially important not to settle for a gas station gift because you can’t find anything else. It doesn’t have to have a romantic theme.

Even beauty products like whitening lotion for your Valentine could go down well. Think about what she likes and not what movies tell you women like.

Make a Gift

If you don’t have time to rush out and buy something, why not make a gift? If you’re a whizz in the kitchen, make heart-shaped cookies or pancakes.

You could put a card together or print out some coupons she can trade in for favors. It’s also a good idea to buy tickets for an event in the future. It’s a great gift, but you don’t have to deliver it right away.

Set Things Up for the Whole Day

Since Valentine’s Day is on a Sunday, many people are lucky enough to have the whole day to themselves. That means you’ve got all day to make up for forgetting that it was coming up.

She might not even notice that you forgot, and you could get away with forgoing a gift. Start with breakfast and then plan to do something together all day. You could go out, or you might just lounge around at home together all day.

Don’t worry if you’ve left your Valentine’s planning until the last minute. There’s still time to pull something together and wow your girlfriend with your romance.

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