Keys To Confidence for Older Guys 40+

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Men often debate over what the key to confidence is when it comes to dating women. However, there isn’t really a right or wrong answer.

If you have never really managed to get the knack when it comes to dating the ladies, then fear not. Even if you’re hitting 40 soon, there’s still plenty of time to impress! Here are some great ways to come across as confident when dating.

Keep Your Hair On

We don’t just mean don’t lose your temper at her (although that is ideal), but quite literally keep your hair on. Consider taking testosterone tablets to supplement your low T levels that come with old age.

Testosterone aids the production of hair on both your body and your head. You’re bound to feel more confident with a full head of hair on. You’re also likely to come across as far more attractive to the lady sitting opposite you. Looking great is just one great way to appear confident.

 Dress Well

The second most important step when dating at this age is to dress well. Women will expect a man to have a solid career at this point, and, therefore, a sizeable amount of cash that is enough to dress themselves well.

As a result, you can’t turn up looking scruffy if you want to look confident and impress. Dress casually smart but ensure that your clothes are comfortable. If you aren’t happy in what you are wearing it will show, and you’ll blow your confidence.

Be sure to remain well groomed, too. Whack on the aftershave and have a trim of your beard before any big date. Scruffiness is a big ‘no, no’ with the ladies!  

Speak Clearly & Maintain Eye Contact

Especially when dishing out compliments, it is important not to look or sound like you’re muttering. This can show a disinterest or a shyness, both of which women will find unattractive. Be sure to enunciate properly and make yourself loud and heard. Just don’t come across as too overpowering, as some women will find this a serious turn-off.

Maintaining eye contact will build a connection between the two of you - you’ll instantly be able to tell if there is chemistry there!

 Be Receptive

Open-mindedness, politeness, and acceptance of views are all very important on a first date. So, if you want to appear confident and attractive, do not instantly blurt out your very opinionated views straightaway.

Be receptive, by listening to your date and hearing her out. That way, you can make great conversation and agree upon more things. Learn to bite your tongue. This is because when a conversation flows smoothly, you’ll de-stress somewhat. It will make you instantly appear more confident. Result!

Ultimately, if you follow all of these steps, then you should appear to be much more confident when dating into your older years. If you still feel nervous underneath this big front that you are exuding, then don’t worry. This is normal; nerves are natural.

However, be sure to keep up your game for the duration of the date and you’ll come across as a confident and sexy older man. Good luck!

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