A Guy’s Guide to Whiskey

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When you’re out, there’s nothing quite as cool as ordering a classic whiskey cocktail. It’s the instant way to look like Don Draper! And the ladies will love how sophisticated you look!

But did you know there’s a whole load of different whiskeys out there? If you know your stuff about this popular tipple, you can impress all your friends with this useful knowledge. And it’ll help you choosing a drink at the bar!


Scotch Whiskey

Probably the most popular of all the whiskeys, those that come from Scotland are thought of as the best quality ones as well! It is definitely the favorite drink of the whiskey connoisseur.

There are different styles, depending on the region it comes from. Spreyside is known for its light and sweet drinks. If you want to enjoy something pungent and peaty, try a single malt from the Isle of Islay. You can also get whiskey from the Highlands. The single malts from there are known to be quite dry,  yet very delicate.


America’s best whiskey, Bourbon originates from Kentucky and Tennessee. It’s perfect for using in Don Draper’s favorite drink – the Old Fashioned cocktail! It is often used in a number of classic cocktails, but you can also enjoy Bourbon on the rocks.

There are a number of factors that give this whiskey its distinct taste. Many people think it is all down to the limestone-rich water that is used in the distillery process. Its time in oak barrels is also thought to enhance the whiskey’s flavor and color.


Rice Whiskey

Japanese whiskey is extremely popular at the minute, thanks to its delicious rice whiskey. Other ingredients can be used alongside rice to create this drink.

Sweet potatoes and buckwheat are traditionally used. Rice whiskeys are generally best enjoyed on their own or on the rocks. As its popularity in the States is slowly growing, you can usually find bottles in local liquor stores.

Rye Whiskey

Just like Bourbon, rye whiskey is aged in oak barrels. However, the main ingredient of rye is, quite obviously, rye! It needs to be made from a grain mixture that contains at least 51% rye for it to be classed as so.

Other grains that can go into the mix include oats, corn, and wheat. Some of the main flavors that you’ll get when tasting rye whiskey are vanilla and caramel, making it a popular whiskey to drink on its own.

Blended And Malt Whiskey

All of the whiskeys above can also be classed as either malt or blended. This basically tells drinkers what exactly is in their drink. A blend just means two whiskeys have been blended together to make a completely new one.

However, with a single malt, has never been blended and is often considered better quality than blended whiskeys. Around 90% of Scotch whiskeys on sale are blends. Their malts aren’t as rare as they sound, though. It’s just that they are very expensive, so aren’t bought so often! And that means the shops don’t have to stock so many.



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