Use Her Birthday To Reminder Her Why She’s With You

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Getting to the point that you’re celebrating a woman’s birthday? Then chances are that your relationship is moving more toward serious territory.

That she’s fast becoming your ‘significant other’. However, it’s around this period that it’s do-or-die for relationships. That things stagnate and begin to lose luster. Depending on how you think things are going, you might want it to go down the route.

However, if you don’t then you need to take charge. You need to take the opportunity to remind her exactly why she’s with you. The birthday is the perfect excuse to showcase why you’re the catch in the relationship and here’s how.


Set up a romantic night in

You don’t necessarily have to pull out all the stops to show her the effort you put into the relationship. If she’s free, take the time to make the night about more than her birthday.

Make it about the relationship, too. It involves doing the work, setting up the mood and cooking (or at least ordering) something great to eat. But it makes the night more than an arbitrary celebration.

Get her the perfect gift

Everyone loves birthday gifts. It’s not just a great reason to get what you want. It’s an opportunity to get some semblance of a person’s consideration of your worth.

It’s not shallow to like things that are flashy or even expensive. That’s a real way of quantifying the effort and consideration going into a relationship.

That’s why things like gemstones for sale aren’t just about looking pretty. And why they’re better than going homemade. It might hit the wallet to get her something really flashy, but it’s also a way of occasionally putting her worth in a manner she can see.


Go somewhere great

It’s not just romance and gifts that get a woman’s heart pumping, however. Do something both of you will love. Be adventurous and just take off. Get her to take some time aside on her weekend to celebrate her birthday. Then celebrate by going on a journey.

Road trips can be some of the best ways to build a relationship, at the same time getting into new vistas and exciting new experiences. Women and people in general are addicted to new thrills once they experience them.

The surprise party

Of course, you can also build on the experience you’ve got from the relationship so far. If things are really becoming significant, then you can use the shared knowledge you should have. Her family, her friends, friends you both have. Get these involved in a surprise party for her.

Not only does it throw a great party where the attention is on her (and you also don’t have to put all the effort on yourself). Organizing it is also a great demonstration of the relationship you have together. It shows a consideration and a familiarity that could give just the warmth she’s seeking in a relationship.

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