Do’s and Don’ts

You are out and about - a party, a bar, a club, a coffee shop….

You see a woman you want to meet.

You gather your stones and go talk to her.

It’s going well – and you want to go for the phone number and a date.

So – what’s the BEST way to go about it?

As with a lot of what I teach – I’ll start with what NOT to do first. Usually what not to do is what most men do, and they get zero dates.

The Don’ts

First of all – don’t wait for her to come and talk to you. And don’t wait for her to ask for a date. While this can happen on occasion, it is rare and as the man – you should act like a man, and go after what you want. Not going after what you want is not manly – it won’t show your confidence and it will take on a snowball rolling downhill effect on your life.

Don’t stare at her all night and do nothing, or walk up sheepishly after an hour.

Don’t go for the number at the wrong time.

What is the wrong time? Something like this:

You walk up to her –

“Hi, I’m Jeremy and I saw you across the room and think you are really pretty, and I was wondering if I could have your phone number…”
Weak weak weak.

You have to admit – we’ve all tried that one, or at least you’ve thought about it.

But put it in perspective – from her point of view.

She has no idea who you are, and you’ve interrupted and transitioned to a level of familiarity that is inappropriate for the first 5 seconds of a relationship.

Not only that – you put yourself in a position where she has the power, and you look weak by asking her for her number.

Don’t be unprepared – have a few standard things you talk about, know how to direct the conversation, and be looking your best when you leave the house.

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The Do’s

Do approach as soon as you have made the rounds of the room and walked by her so she notices you.

Do make eye contact.

Do smile. A little.

Do open with a good gambit. Be upbeat, interesting, and confident.

A good opening gambit is something like:

“Hey – Hi. Quick question – I need a female perspective on this. Okay – let’s say you leave your email open or your boyfriend found out your password and he goes through all your emails. Is this a break-up kind of offense?”

Make sure at some point in this gambit you say – “It wasn’t ME who check the email – it was a girl who checked mine!”

You can use Facebook, Cell phone, email, whatever.

She’ll bust into all kinds of “OMG!” Opinions and likely have a story where she was hacked.

Do break the line of conversation somewhere in here and say, “Oh – hey, I’m Jeremy” and hold out your hand and shake hands. “Kelly – nice to meet you Kelly.” Then say, “Cool – okay – where were we?”
Repeating her name to her is great for a couple reasons:

  1. Her favorite word is her own name. Say it back to her. Twice.
  2. It will help you remember it.

Do remember her name.

Do try this gambit – or any other you create – one a lot of women, girls, etc just to practice your responses and get a sense of how it plays out. You’ll start to find patterns and be prepared when you get around a woman you want to approach.

That’s just an example – there are dozens more in my Audio Training: The Art of the Pickup Line and even more in Complete Conversation Technique.

Do have good opening gambit like the many in the above mentioned audios. This allows you to establish rapport.

Do establish rapport.

Do – if she makes you laugh or vice versa – give her a playful shot in the arm. High fives are good too.

Do – when you start to wrap up the conversation end it abruptly, and turn way. Get your phone in hand. Walk 3 steps. Turn around.  Since you know her name (from above) As you walk back to her say her name (now for the third time at least) and have your phone out. Start entering her name into your phone. Just say as you are doing it, “Kelly…K-E-L-L-….hmmm is it with a Y or an I?”

(If her name is stupidly simple, like Mary – leave that second part out – just spell it out loud. Most girls these days have atypical spellings of their names – and some you will genuinely not know how to spell).

If you have established rapport correctly – she will simply GIVE YOU HER NUMBER without you even asking at this point.

Say something along the lines of, “Is this the fake number or the real one – you probably get hit on a lot.”

She’ll say it isn’t. Tell her you think she is interesting and you’d like to talk to her again soon – but you have somewhere to be in 20 minutes.

In 5 mins – a quick text: Hi cutie – it’s Jeremy. I liked what you said about (whatever – one or two word description).  This is my number.



That is just one of many ways to properly get a phone number and when and how to “ask” for it. If for some reason she or you stumble while you have your phone in-hand, just say, “Ok – gimme your number.”  Don’t ask – tell.

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