Beautiful Jewelry to Buy Your Other Half

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Would you like to buy a beautiful piece of jewelry for your other half? Then happily for you, you’re in the right place! Jewelry makes a wonderful and long lasting gift.

Whether you’re buying for a man or woman, there are a number of options available to you. Read on to find out more…

An Anniversary Band

If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, why should she only get them on her engagement and wedding day? If you’ve got a special anniversary coming up, how about treating her with a diamond anniversary band.

Check out places like to begin your research. It could be your wedding anniversary. Or it could be something a little different, like the date you first met, or the date you first said I love you! If you’re buying for your guy, how about something that he can wear online his wedding band?

An Engraved Watch

If your man doesn’t wear much jewelry, you might be quite limited in what you can gift him. Turn to his watch instead! One option is to buy him a new one.

However, the other option is to steal away his current one for a few days! This might be a bit tricky, so you might have to feign ‘looking for it’ with him for a short while. Just make sure he doesn’t go out and buy a new one!

There are lots of options as to what you can have engraved on the back. Like an anniversary band, it could be the date of a special occasion. Or it could be a message. If you’re already married, how about a segment of your vows to each other? Sites like might help inspire you.

A Photograph Locket

Lockets are a wonderful gift. Not only are they a beautiful piece of jewelry, but they also hold a hidden secret. When opened up you will find a space for a photograph. How about giving this as a gift for your other half? If you have kids, this is a great gift to give for Mother’s Day.

A Delicate Pendant

If you don’t want to give a photograph locket, a simple, delicate pendant is another option. How about making the pendant her birth color?

Calculators like the one at will allow you to put your partners’ date of birth in. It will then tell you what her birthday is. So, if she was born in March, it will be Aquamarine. Meanwhile, is she was a May baby, her birth color will be the beautiful emerald green.

A Family Heirloom

The piece of jewelry you give your other half as a gift doesn’t have to be brand new. In fact, it doesn’t necessarily have to cost you anything.

How about passing on family heirloom? You will probably need to get permission from the current owner first! But you never know, they may offer it first! It may be an antique ring or a leather watch. Then it will just be up to you to decide when are how you give the gift.

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