Tips for Being in the Man’s Role in Your Relationship

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For some, being in a relationship is tough. Men have certain things that they should do, and the same can be said for women too. If you both play your roles, then you’ll create the perfect balance, and things will go well.

Bearing that in mind, here are some top tips for being the man in a relationship:

Develop Your Handyman Skills

If you want to be a proper man, then you need to develop your handyman skills. Typically, when things need fixing, it falls on you to do it. Your partner might have a leaky tap that needs fixing. Or, she bought some new shelves that need to be put up.

Any alpha male will look at these situations as a chance to prove their worth. Show your partner that you’re up to the task of any handyman job.

As a result, she’ll become dependent on you. It ends up strengthening your relationship because you’re on hand to complete any favours for her. So, she’ll help you with things too. If you need any washing done, she might take it off your hands because you put up the shelves for her.

I think that all men need to become handymen around the house if they’re in a relationship. It makes you appear more manly and helps improve your relationship at the same time.

Understand Everything About Cars

To be a true man, you have to understand everything about cars. There will be countless things that your partner will rely on you to do. For starters, checking their oil levels.

It’s something all car owners must do, but hardly anyone remembers too. Normally, it falls on your shoulders to check your wife/girlfriends oil. Similarly, you’ll need to show them how to check their tyres and ensure they’re in great shape too. If they ever get a puncture, then it’s your job to call up a mobile tyre-fitting service to come and help her out. Likewise, you must understand how to identify and fix most of the common car problems.

Let’s look at squeaky brakes as an example here. If your girlfriend’s brakes keep squeaking, then she’s relying on you to find out why and fix it. I know it’s a generalisation, but women tend to know a lot less about cars. It’s a show of manliness to be able to sort out car problems and prove you know your stuff.

Defend Her Honour

It sounds like an old thing to say, but you have to defend your partner’s honour. That means that you stick up for her when someone’s having ago. You might be on a night out, and some girls are screaming at her and drunkenly calling her names.

As a man, it’s your task to stand up for her and diffuse the situation. Similarly, you have to protect her from any dangers that may be lurking. Again, let’s look at the night out scenario. Clubs are fun, but they’re also a breeding ground for slimy men with no dignity.

You can bet that some drunk dude will try chatting up your girl at one stage. So, you need to be right in there and telling the guy to back off. Now, I’m not promoting violence or saying you should hit the guy. But, if it comes to that, you have to be prepared to stand up and fight for your girl.

No girl will like a man that backs down and doesn’t defend them. It shows you care, it shows you’re a man, and shows you’re passionate!

Take Her Out For Dinner

Obviously, there are no real rules about who should take who out for dinner. But, traditionally, it’s the man that takes out the woman.

You take her for a lovely meal and ensure you pay for her food and drinks. It’s a sign of chivalry; you’re showing your girl that you want to treat her right. Women love being treated right and spoilt, it’s not rocket science to figure that out! They’re all looking for the perfect man that will sweep them off their feet and treat them like a princess. If you want to be someone’s prince charming, then you have to be ready to take her out. In fact, don’t just stop at dinner. Take her on little weekend trips or take her to a spa.

It will help strengthen your relationship. And, she’ll look up to you as someone that cares for her. She’ll find you extremely masculine and appreciate you even more.

Follow these tips and you’ll soon be the best boyfriend/husband out there!


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