A Guy’s Guide to Planning Your Engagement

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Planning your engagement is exciting, but it can also be terrifying. This is largely due to the fact that your partner likely has no idea what’s happening.

You need to try to plan the perfect proposal, but keep it under wraps at the same time. And this can be harder than it might seem to be. So, you need to determine what the key areas are with any engagement and focus on those to begin with.

These are some of the best ideas to help you and take charge of your own engagement. Follow the points on here, and try to use them to your advantage.

They will stop you becoming overwhelmed or forgetting important things that need to be sorted out. Here is a guy’s guide to planning your own engagement.

Speak to the Father

The first thing you need to do is speak to your partner’s father and ask for her hand in marriage. Not only is this traditional, it’s also polite and courteous, and lets them know what’s going on. They may also be able to help with planning and distracting if necessary.

Make sure you do this before you start on any of the rest of the planning. It’s important to get this step out of the way, and it will help you relax more as well.

Sort Out the Rings

The next thing you need to do is sort out the rings as well. This is something that needs discretion, but also careful time and planning.

You need to make sure you get the rings sorted for each of you. Mens engagement rings are as readily available as ladies these days.

So make sure you sort out the rings for each of you as soon as you can. Think about what your tastes and interests are, and try to make choices accordingly.

Decide When You’re Going to do It

It’s important to make a decision about when you’re actually going to propose. You guys might have talked about getting engaged, but it’s likely nothing has been finalized.

And the idea is to try to make it a wonderful surprise. So, you have to plan out where you’re going to do the proposal, and when you will do it. Things like this are all about timing so you’ve got to make sure you get the timing right.

She Said Yes!

If everything goes well, you will be filled with joy because she’s going to say yes! This is one of the best feelings ever in the world and one you should cherish. Many men never get to enjoy this experience, so you have to make the most of yours. Sure, it will be natural to worry about the fact that she may not say yes. But, you have to try to remain sanguine about these things.

If your woman could make a list of 10 things she really wants to hear from you, a marriage proposal would be on there. So chances are in your favor, and as long as you have everything planned out.


Now you’ve put in all the hard work and got the right result it’s time to celebrate. Engagement is certainly a cause for celebration and excitement.

People will want to get together to share in your joy and look forward to your marriage. Throw an engagement party as part of the process so you can bask in the joy of your recent engagement.

And you’re going to get massive bonus points for sorting all this out; don’t forget that!

When it comes down to it planning your own engagement can be a lot of work. But it’s worth it in the end to enjoy the rewards associated with it. Use this guide to help you perfectly plan your own engagement.

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