4 Things Most People Don’t Know About Dressing With Confidence

by | Jun 23, 2016 | Exclusive Tips Articles |

When you want to make an impression wherever you go, how you dress is important. You want people to think you look confident and commanding, not scruffy or unsure of yourself.

Dressing with confidence can help you to feel more confident, giving you the ability to hold your head up high. If you want to walk with a swagger and have a firm handshake, the right clothes could make all the difference. Many guys don’t know where to start with dressing with confidence.

You might try to copy someone else but end up feeling uncomfortable. If you want to dress with confidence, you need to follow some essential rules.

Dress for the Setting

well-dressed-man-kelliebrew-kanyeIf you want to command respect, dressing appropriately is the first rule. You can’t wear baggy jeans and an oversized t-shirt to a business meeting and expect to get away with it.

Unless, of course, you’re the most important person at the meeting. But assuming you’re not Mark Zuckerberg, you need to know when it’s appropriate to wear what.

Just like you don’t want to be underdressed, you shouldn’t be overdressed either. If you’re ever unsure, find out if there’s a dress code. There might not be one specifically set out for that occasion. But there are often expectations for particular locations and activities.

Find Your Style

Feeling confident when you get dressed won’t happen if you don’t like what you’re wearing. You need to find a style that suits you so that you feel more confident.

However, you also need to find ways to take that style into different settings, if it’s possible. For example, if you like the industrial clothes from I Am Attitude, it’s going to be hard to take that into a business setting. Sometimes you need to develop styles for different occasions.

You can find ways to feel comfortable and confident in both your casual clothes and in a suit.

Emphasize Your Best Features

What are the best things about you? Knowing what makes you look good and highlighting your best features shows you know yourself.

Maybe you have great hair or you workout a lot. Perhaps you’re tall or have broad shoulders that you want to show off. You can find ways to place emphasis on your best features with the way you dress.

Choose your outfits for your build and make sure they fit well. When it comes to more formal clothes especially, tailoring is your friend.

Feel Comfortable

It’s hard to feel confident if you’re not comfortable. Figuring out how you can feel comfortable in different types of clothes is essential. You might always feel comfortable in your casual clothes, but it’s more difficult when you put on a suit.

Sometimes you just have to get used to it and keep wearing something until it feels more natural. However, it’s also about getting the right style and dressing in an outfit that suits you.

Dressing confidently helps you to act more confident. Once you can put on a confident performance, you’ll start to feel more confident too.