Is Low Confidence Killing Your Game?

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Guys here is a secret that you should know. Women are attracted to confidence, the same way that men are. If you’ve ever seen an unattractive guy hanging around with model, she’s not paid for!

That guy just has a lot of confidence in who he is and what he can offer. I’ve seen a boost in confidence work wonders. It could get you that dream date with a girl you never thought would look twice at you.

The problem is that if you have low confidence, it’s typically because you have been led to think you don’t have much to offer. So, that’s the issue we need to tackle first.

Get Therapy

Low confidence often stems from a severe psychological trauma that might have occurred in your childhood. You could have been bullied because of the way you look.

Odds are those same issues are no longer relevant or apparent. You might have been fat when you were younger, but if you’re not now, it shouldn’t affect you.

Yet it will because that trauma will still be there. If you talk to a cognitive therapist, they’ll be able to work through it with. They’ll pinpoint your cause of low confidence and help you tackle it head on. You might think you can just tell yourself those issues aren’t relevant anymore.

However, the human mind doesn’t work this way. Subconsciously you’ll be holding on to those negative feelings. That’s why it’s best to speak to a professional.

Get Surgery

If there is a specific physical feature that’s bothering you, there are two things you need to be aware of. The first is that it’s probably not as apparent to other people as it is to you.

You might think that your nose is big and most people probably just think it suits your face. This is the social contract, and it can be useful on the dating scene. We all have flaws and most of the time; they will be accepted by others.

The second factor to consider is that you can get it fixed. There is very little surgery can’t accomplish these days, including giving you your hair back.

With a hair transplant, you don’t have to live your life bald, if this affects your confidence.

Change Your Body Language

Body language says a lot about how confident we are. If you have low confidence, you might be slightly bend over, and you won’t stand tall.

You may not make eye contact with people, even if you’re talking to them. If you walk up to a girl, and you stare at the table while talking to her, it comes across as a little weird. It also shows you don’t have the confidence to look her in the eyes.

Don’t get the wrong idea; you should not constantly be staring at them. You do however need to make eye contact, smile and try not to be closed off.

Crossing your arms is one of the most recognizable traits of someone who doesn’t want to leave themselves open.

Finally, you just need to take a chance. Low confidence also stems from the fear of rejection. Once you’re rejected a couple of times, you’ll see it’s no big deal.

You can then live your life free from worries and woes that stop you even having the chance at getting your dream date.

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