Some Unusual Men’s Hobbies

by | Aug 5, 2016 | Exclusive Tips Articles |

What are your hobbies?

It’s a simple question, but is often one which puts people on the spot because they know the answer says a hell of a lot about them.

When we have such busy lifestyles, it’s so important to fit in the fun things like hobbies and interests too. They keep you occupied, give you something to look forward to on your days off and can be a productive and fulfilling way to spend time.

So if you find this is a difficult question to answer (or are just looking for new and exciting hobbies to take up) then you’re in luck. Here are a few fantastically fun hobbies to try, which you might not have thought about.

Flying Drones

Drones are definitely the future- photographers, video makers, the police and construction workers all make excellent use of them in their work (even Amazon are looking to use them to deliver parcels!)

But as well as being useful in a number of workplaces- flying drones, multirotors and quadcopters is also a serious hobby. Since they’ve grown in popularity, you can now find drones for all budgets. This is great as you don’t need to spend a fortune getting into it when you’re brand new… unless you want to of course.

Find a quiet, open and empty space preferably on days that aren’t too windy and test out your piloting skills. The perfect hobby for those who loved flying remote control helicopters as kids!

Building Robotics

Literally building your own robots, it doesn’t get much cooler (or geekier, we can’t decide which) than that. Either way it’s a fascinating hobby and definitely something to give your brain cells a bit of a workout.

Having a good working knowledge of things like programming and electronics is handy if you’re looking to build robots from scratch, but even if you’re clueless about these types of things there are kits you can buy. These contain instructions and all the pieces you’ll start out on individual projects, which will help you gain knowledge.

Once you are more confident and feel like you can tackle something more elaborate, you could even look into building combat robots and enter competitions to fight them. This has been popular long since the tv show, and there are lots of places to go and do this up and down the country.

Laser Tag

Think you had to give up shooting your friends with lasers once you left school and grew a beard? No chance!

There are loads of different venues around the country with no age restrictions, and so you can round up your mates and set up private tournaments. It has been shown that getting fit with others is highly beneficial, so this is a good way to get some exercise in too (and let’s face it, this is way more fun than kicking a ball round a muddy field together!)

You get that competitive element and it’s a fun hobby that’s something a bit different. Not as messy or expensive as paintballing, but just as much fun.


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