Cultivating a Look That Will Enhance Your Confidence with Women

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If there’s something that a man shouldn’t try to live without, it’s style. Men who don’t have style aren’t being casual. They’re notIf there’s something that a man shouldn’t try to live without, it’s style.

Men who don’t have style aren’t being casual. They’re not making a choice to not care about how they’re seen. In most cases, they’re afraid of failing.

But putting thought into dressing well, finding the best clothes for you and how to actually pull it off has limitless benefits. It helps you find the real confidence, not just put it on. When it comes to attracting women, nothing works better than easy confidence.

Don’t neglect your grooming

Let’s set the record straight. If you’re going to start dressing well, you need to take care of how you look behind the clothes, too. Particularly in grooming.

There are a lot of guys who skip straight to suits without cultivating their actual look. A poorly groomed male in a suit does not look like a well-dressed man. He looks like a boy in man’s clothing. You need to get down the basics of grooming. Becoming a regular visitor of the barber’s.

Getting an electric toothbrush. Keeping things down below tidy. Don’t wait for aspects of your physical grooming to get to the point where you ‘have to’ deal with them. Be proactive with it. If you think things are starting to get noticeable, then trust us, women are noticing.

Know your size

mens-fashion-3It’s a factor of dressing well that just as many women fall prey to as men do. Wearing the wrong size of clothing. A lot of men will guess conservatively, going for clothes that give them more room, rather than being too tight.

When you’re shopping online for clothes, it adds another barrier. You can’t try things on and get it exact. Except, you can if you’re willing to just take a real look at it. Get rid of any ideas of insecurity about finding out what shape you’re in. Get real measurements taken the next time you’re out clothes shopping.

Then keep them updated regularly. Whenever you’re in a new store, check their size charts. They don’t all follow the same rules. Knowing your measurements is a lot more reliable than knowing your ‘sizes’. The baggy look isn’t one you want to be too closely associated with.

Dress to your strengths

Your size isn’t the only thing that dictates how clothes fit to your body, either. Men don’t have quite the diverse ranges of natural body shape that women do, but it still needs a bit of consideration.

Mostly, you have to worry about the shoulder to waist ratio. Then you need to concern yourself with height, as well. Regardless of what shape and size you are, there are clothing fits designed to best fit you. Just know which category you fall into.

Find those strengths, too

Regardless of what kind of body shape you have, we can all stand to improve it a bit. Fitness is another matter entirely. However, if you want to start looking good in your clothes, to fill them the way your body should, you need to start working out.

Even if it only means beginning with workouts that make you look better in a t-shirt. It’s also another stepping stone to feeling the confidence that an alpha ought to have.

Collecting clothing

If you were hoping that this was a quick guide to tell you which pieces of clothing are going to turn things around for you, then you’re sadly mistaken.

This is about developing a style. Knowing how to spot items and elements that can help you create a look. How to better shop for clothing. Part of that is getting into the habit of actually shopping for clothes. A lot of guys won’t update their looks for a long time.

Thinking function over fashion. But if you’re building a wardrobe, you need some staples. You need to have essential items in there that serve as a reference point for other items you buy. When you try on clothes, you take these staples with you to see how it fits.

These essentials include things like solid t-shirts, white and black. Dark blue jeans. A solid white shirt. These aren’t clothes just for wearing. They’re tools for the purpose of helping you get other clothes worth wearing, too.

Keep the occasion in mind

When it comes for what to wear on the day, then context is everything. If you’re talking about women, then the look you need to nail down is for the first date. Having your own style can go too far into sticking out like a sore thumb. Dressing to the context not only indicates confidence, but social skills.

If people see that you have good social skills, they find it easier to socialise with you. If you look out of place, then interactions will be more stunted and awkward. So look at where you are. If it’s casual or outdoors, you go relaxed. But not too relaxed so as to look slovenly.

A short sleeved-collared shirt, dress shirt or sports jacket. For dinner dates, a jacket is mandatory. It doesn’t have to particularly go with a suit. It’s just the beginning ingredient for any smart outfit.

Stay updated

There’s a derision for fashion trends that some men cast for all kinds of reasons. The idea of being ‘metrosexual’ or too invested. Does that really sound like something a leader with his own style would think?

No, you want to instead pay attention and keep an open mind. Look thoroughly and broadly at the developing trends. As well as where they come from.

Different styles of clothes play to different assumptions and historical associations. If you know where trends come from, you can use those associations to inform the rest of the outfit. Guys who don’t do that run a much bigger risk of looking mismatched. Like they don’t fully know how the items of their outfit look.

Broaden the search

If you’re really starting to build your own style, you need to get used to looking further and wider than you have before. Sticking to the same old stores will result in the same old looks.

You need to go online and to a variety of vendors. If you really want to cut an imposing, leading figure, you need to even look outside the market. Vendors from other markets can sometimes provide the diversity your selection needs. It’s not too difficult to get help with an address so that you’re able to buy from overseas.

Know how to accessorise

It’s becoming a lost art among many men. But you will notice that those who know how to do it are those who stand head and shoulders above the rest.

We’re talking about the impact that accessories have on a man’s appearance. They add stature. They tell a story, one that is often a story of access, confidence and accomplishment. It shouldn’t be a secret by now that the shoes and watch of a man are two of the first things that a woman will look at.

They’ll notice smaller details, too. A pair of great cufflinks with greatly impress them. So will learning a new way to tie your tie. Put a few minutes effort into the smaller details. It can elevate your game more than you would imagine.

Wear the confidence to go with it

A big part of developing your look is to better facilitate confidence. If you look good, you feel good. But it’s a chicken-egg scenario. If you feel good, you also look good.

Confidence isn’t some magical wellspring that bubbles up just when you need it. Take the time to work on it. Practice how you speak, what mannerisms you show. One of the best ways to do this is simply by meeting with people you don’t care to impress much. Situations in which messing up isn’t really a problem.

Practise things like speaking slower. Speaking fast Is a habit of unconfident people who are afraid that others will stop paying attention to them. Cultivate traits like these with practice before you really have need of them.

Get into the habit

The exact same kind of advice can be used for how you dress. There will be more than a few guys reading this who can’t imagine themselves wearing a suit jacket regularly.

Guys who aren’t used to formal looks or even really trying to look good. Those guys won’t feel comfortable the first time they do it. That discomfort will show.

So get it out of your system. Go for a night out, on your own, in your new style. Allow yourself to grow more comfortable. Then do it again. Start trial-running your new outfits in a variety of situations. Get into the habit of dressing with confidence.

Keep the above tips in mind and start to change how you see style. When you start to get it right, you won’t only look the part, but you’ll feel it. But it’s something you have to cultivate in the long-term, not a quick fix.

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