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Summer won’t last forever and with the colder months are approaching thick and fast and it may be time to consider a new time piece to add to your A/W 2016 collection.

The smart watch may be gaining popularity but nothing can compare to the sleek style of a traditional timepiece.

There is so much choice out there for men who are looking to buy a new time piece. We are living in a world where there are new options every week and investing in something which will be sustainable as well as fashionable can be tricky.

Getting your watch style right will ensure you have a timepiece you will cherish for a lifetime. Like any piece of expensive jewelery, a watch should be cared for and sent away for watch servicing and some serious TLC.

Choosing a watch is the first step, however, and getting the balance between style and design is often the tricky part. Here are our top picks for watches that will stand the test of time regardless of seasonal trends.

Minimalistic Watch Design

minimalistMinimalism has been a big influence in 2016 design. We are stripping back and choosing timepieces that we can wear not watches that wear us. Timekeeping has never been so trendy and even watch brands like Mondaine are joining in on the millennial movement.

Mondaine is proud of its original and authentic look and over the years they have begun to strip back the look of their watch designs but have kept the complex design of their watches intact.

Mondaine watches are great for first time buyers that are looking for something traditional with a stylish edge.  Created in the heart of the watch making, this timepiece sticks to its roots and recreates the functionality of the actual Swiss Railways clocks.

In true Swiss fashion, the Mondaine Stop2Go’s second hand stops briefly at the 12 o’clock position, before jumping forward.

Wooden Watch Trend

Keeping minimalism in mind, timber time pieces have been a huge trend in 2016. If you are looking for an alternative to a woodenstainless steel it is definitely worth your will investing in a wooden watch.

Jord has a whole selection of timepieces which are constructed with only the finest luxury wood.  Creating light weight pieces for men and woman, Jord are experts when it comes to wooden watch design.

Just because you are giving up metal does not mean you have to compromise, the model features still incorporates Swiss movement, however, the origin of this timepiece bodes from Native Africa!

Made from stunning zebrawood the Frankie Series  delivers  a striking grain contrast and exceptional finish.

Vintage Timepiece Restoration

Why not recycle and choose a vintage timepiece for Autumn/Winter 2016. Vintage Watch Restoration is very much in fashion, just make sure you have yours seen by a watch repair specialist before you debut your timepiece.

vintageJames Stacey from A Blog To Watch argues that modern day team pieces cannot compare with vintage design. He also agrees that a vintage watch should be maintained and serviced just like a modern design:

“Any watch will require service at some point, and most watches will not cost a fortune to service, especially when it’s a cost you’ll likely only incur every five to ten years”

If you don’t own a vintage piece it may be an option to buy a less expensive watch which is vintage styled. Fossil has an excellent choice of watches that are inspired by that past but up-to-the-minute innovation.

The Townsman captured an old-fashion feel with a refined rose gold-tone case and a clear crystal lens.

Little Means A lot in 2016

downsizeWomen may be opting for bigger watch faces however 2016 has seen a downsize for men. This gentlemanly style is perfect for a mature man who loves classic wristwear.

Square watches are also an excellent option if you a specifically looking time piece which you can wear for special occasions.

This Christopher Ward’s C5 Malvern is an exquisite choice for 2016 as it ticks two of the boxes. Its small, square face is attached to a navy-on-navy look that was equally unmissable at Baselworld.

Whatever style of watch you choose; in the watch world, you get what you pay for. Investing a bit of your paycheque on a high quality, luxury watch may mean that your timepiece will enjoy the longevity that comes with craftsmanship.

Choosing a cheap fast fashion piece might look OK now, but it’s best to invest in a piece that will last in both style and function for years to come.

Suzanne Vallance

Guest Writer

Suzanne Vallance is a fashion graduate from Glasgow, Scotland. She now works exclusively with all things horology and loves to share her knowledge of stylish timepieces. She currently works for a luxury watch repair centre.

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