Quick Dating Style Guide – The Perfect Outfit For Typical Occasions

by | Aug 23, 2016 | Style and Dating |

casual2First impression count so making sure you’re dressed to kill is one of the vital elements of a fantastic first date. But of course, there is no one, single ‘date outfit’ as you will need to adjust what you are wearing to the kind of date that you are on.

Read on for a quick access to guide to what you should be wearing for each type of occasion.

Dinner and a movie

The outfit you should be wearing for dinner and a movie is smart casual. You want to look like you have made an effort, but not like you are trying too hard.

Slacks and a sports coat over a t-shirt works well. As do a pair of biker jeans, with a smart suit and belt. It’s basically saying you care enough to make an effort from what you would normally wear, but you are a pretty relaxed guy.

Formal Dinner or Ball

A very formal dinner or ball is a date that is bound to impress. In fact it the perfect way to impress that girl you have been pursuing for a while. Everyone loves the luxury of a formal date, and your outfit should reflect that.

Nearly every man brushes up well in a classic tuxedo. You’ll notice too that a sharp suit of any variety will always gain a woman’s attention, whether she means to look your way or not.

You should capitalise on this by being smiley with open body language. Remember to complimenting her too.

Fun Date Ideas

coupleon4wheelerLots of people like to go active dates nowadays. These can work really well to break the ice between you and your date. They also give you something to bond over and talk about during the second portion of your time together.


If you are doing something very active like skydiving or quad biking, you need to make sure that what you’re wearing is suitable. A clean t-shirt and jeans is a winner in that type of situation. As is a high-quality training shoe.

Its also a good idea to take a change of clothes for going for drinks or a coffee after the activity is over. This will allow her to see you at your best and also show that you have made an effort in the way you look, which is really a form of respect towards your date.

Sports Dates

sports shoesAnother common date scenario these days is the sports date. Where you go running, to the gym or cycling. Your outfit needs to be thought about carefully here.

Yes you want to wear something that is suitable for the sorting activity that you are going to do. But make sure that you don’t go over the top.

Outfits should be relatively modest for the date, or you might come across as arrogant. Instead of showing off all your sporting prowess, which can put a woman off, focus on having clean, pressed and well fitting clothes.

If your sneakers smell, get new ones. Stinky feet will always turn a woman off!

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