The Beginner’s Approach To Building Date-Winning Style

by | Sep 16, 2016 | Exclusive Tips Articles |

Style and appearance play a huge role in getting more women and successful dates.

No-one should be surprised by this. People judge books by their cover, as much as they’re told not to. Especially where romance and sex are the focus.

So, here we’re going to have a beginner’s course on how to start building your wardrobe. Particularly, building the wardrobe of a man that women will want to date. There’s as much science as there is art to it.

Build a selection of staples

You need to begin by thinking about the items that definitely need to be in the wardrobe. These are items you can wear at any time.

They are also items that are going to help you build a base of other outfits. Some of your staples include a pair of decent jeans, a pair of suit pants, a plain black t-shirt and a plain white t-shirt. Then you should also look into the staples that are going to help you build better outfits in different seasons.

For example, in the fall, you should look at getting your hands on fitting staples like a light bomber jacket and slim chinos.

Shop discerningly but smartly

What these staples help you do is build a core to dress up from. You take these simple items out with you to clothes stores and use them to pair with other items you look at.

Your wardrobe shouldn’t be full of plain clothing without personality. That plain clothing is what helps you discover the items that create the outfit. At the same time, you should learn to be more selective with your shopping if you don’t want it costing you a bomb.

For example, look at using things like coupon codes. Building your wardrobe is important, but it’s not something you should be breaking the bank over. Instead, the better a deal you can get, the more variety you can add. The better you can define your own style.


We’re putting specific focus on this point because it’s one that unfortunately goes unheeded by a lot of men dating today.

The word ‘accessory’ makes these items sound like an extra, an afterthought. On the contrary, they can be the focal point of a good outfit. It’s well known that women look to shoes and to the watch of a man.

They’re status symbols. Wearing the right ones can give you a look of success and prestige that saves you from having to talk about it. A good pair of cufflinks on a shirt can be a subtle indicator of a man who does well for himself. Accessorizing lets you decide what you say about your identity without ever having to speak.

Build your selection of staples.

Know how to start shopping with a more discerning eye without breaking the bank. Recognize the power that accessories can have on an already decent outfit. If you want to start dressing to the point of getting more notice from women, you need to be disciplined in putting together a style.

This just scratches the surface.

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