3 Great Modern Gadgets for Men

by | Sep 27, 2016 | Exclusive Tips Articles |

One of the greatest parts about living in the modern age is the variety of awesome gadgets available. Most people use their smartphones and computers daily for a range of tasks. GPS and fitness devices also make a big difference to many consumers.

But while there are gadgets for all kinds of specific purposes, the best devices can handle multiple functions. One of the best investments you can make is in versatile tech products that you find uses for in all areas of life.

Here are some of the most useful, multi-functional gadgets every modern man should own.

A Media Box


People are watching television broadcasts less and less often in today’s media streaming age. But that doesn’t make your TV obsolete. In fact, it’s more useful than ever.

There are now many smart media boxes out there to watch whatever you want on your television. You can stream music, watch NetFlix, or even mirror your laptop or smartphone screen. Having a big screen for all your streaming needs makes having a TV set more useful than ever.

There are plenty of options for streaming media players. Apple TV is great for iPhone lovers. There are also many Android boxes out there, which can be equipped with all the same apps as other Android devices. Roku is another popular option. For a smaller and cheaper option, you check out the Google Chromecast.

The small HDMI dongle allows you to stream to your TV from your Chrome browser.

A Smartwatch

If you want to have access to all your apps and information on your wrist, get a smartwatch! There are many available both for iPhones and Android phones. They connect with your smartphone so you can make using apps simpler.

You can also customize your watch for a personal touch. For example, if you have an Apple Watch you might want some sleek Apple Watch bands. This way, you can look stylish and be tech savvy at the same time.

As well as being cool to look at, the variety of features and apps means they’re highly practical. Of course, you’ll be able to tell the time and keep yourself organized.

You can also stream music, take selfies, and even make calls or dictate texts with a smartwatch.

A Tablet

Even if you already have a personal computer or laptop, a tablet is a versatile device with many uses. You can get tablets with Windows, Android, or iOS software. They can use all the same software you’d use on your other devices.

You might want a tablet for storing documents and pictures. You can also stream music or video for entertainment. Many tablets have keyboard add-ons, so they can even be used for word-processing.

All in all, there are endless worthwhile uses for a tablet.

They’re much more useful for portable purposes than a PC or laptop. You may even want to take yours to work or class. They’re also ideal for travelling.

If you need to get some work done on the road or need some entertainment on your commute, your tablet is your best friend.

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