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jimmyCASE launched with their first Kickstarter in 2014. Over 20,000 customers worldwide have bought one of their patented iPhone wallet cases. jimmyCASE is featured in big stores like AT&T and Fred Segal, but our core business is selling direct to customers around the world. All jimmyCASE are made upon order in Los Angeles and shipped directly to customers worldwide.

My sample jimmyCase ultra-thin wallet showed up on a Friday - the night before I was going to a club with my girlfriend.

I transferred over my drivers license, one credit card and some cash - and ended up putting my girl’s license in there too.

It IS PERFECT for nights like this - when you just need to flash your ID to get in, and hit the bar for a couple drinks in a crowded, loud - and fashion-conscious - environment.

It’s been two weeks - I haven’t used my regular wallet again since. I’ve been meaning to - but the jimmyCase is so much easier to run to the store, the gym, etc. with.

License, membership card, credit card…cash and receipts.

I like that it doesn’t give you that big bulge in the back of your pants like a traditional wallet - in fact, you can slip in in your front pocket and no one is the wiser. Not only does that cut down on the possibility of it getting lifted - but you don’t get that butt-cramp when your driving.

Construction is solid. Real leather. Strong elastic. My version came black with red stitching - I didn’t care for that color scheme, but that’s a personal preference, not a knock.

jimmyCase is the inventor of a smartphone wallet as well, and they have an informative kickstarter site where you can watch videos about the products and company.

As of this writing - you can get your own for $35 – Sized perfectly for USA Bills. Black/Red Stitch, Black/Black Stitch, Blue or Brown.

Recommended and used by Modern Male Lifestyle. 

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