5 Technological Resources for Suicide Prevention

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5 Technological Resources for Suicide Prevention

Suicide prevention often requires the assistance of a counselor. A service such as this can be costly, both monetarily and in terms of time. Fortunately, modern technology offers a multitude of ways you can help prevent suicide without the costs of attending weekly therapy sessions. Here are five ways technology can work to prevent suicide.

  1. Hotlines for Crises

Suicide hotlines are toll-free numbers you or a struggling loved one can call anonymously and receive free counseling from trained volunteers. While these hotlines are not a long-term solution, they can be a life-saving resource to have in the face of a crisis.

  1. Online Support Groups

Having a support group can be a hugely beneficial factor in recovery from suicidal thoughts. They are particularly important to those who are struggling as a result of an external factor.

For example, people with cancer or recovering addicts are prone to suicidal thoughts. Having a support group of people who are affected by the same underlying cause can be reassuring to those who feel alone in their difficulty.

However, if you live in an area where support groups are hard to come by, you may consider turning to the internet for online support.

Unlike support groups that meet face-to-face, online groups do not have to find a common time to meet up, they do not have to consider distance, and they do not need to pay for the space they are using. Online support is a great alternative for those who cannot access a physical group.

  1. Phone Counseling Sessions and Apps

Because people are busier than ever before, more counselors are offering sessions over the phone. This counseling solution eliminates the need to travel to an office at a set time, which eliminates a hurdle to help that those without access to transportation often face. Phone counseling also eliminates any anxiety involved with making a public appearance.

For those suffering from depression, getting out of bed and getting dressed can be the most difficult part of the day. When your session is over the phone, you do not need to work up the energy to leave your home.

Therefore, phone counseling prevents a desire to skip sessions, which moves recovery along faster. It’s also important to note that there are many great smartphone apps available today to aid in addiction recovery and suicide prevention.

  1. Video Calls to Keep in Touch with Family

Keeping in touch with family is one of the best ways to access a built-in support network. Of course, not all relatives make great counselors.

For the most part, though, family members are good at sticking together and helping one another. Various video conferencing services or apps such as FaceTime can be found free of charge to ensure you do not lose touch with your loved ones. Even just a daily check-in with someone who cares can be very beneficial to the recovery process.

  1. Free Online Meditation and Yoga Classes

Meditation and yoga have been shown to greatly benefit all who genuinely practice them, even people struggling with suicidal thoughts.

These mindfulness practices are ideal ways to repair your mind and give it a chance to relax. However, classes to learn these skills can be expensive and require access to transportation.

Instead, consider a YouTube series. Trained teachers often produce free instructional videos for beginners to learn without needing to pay or travel. These are a perfect way to start learning and eventually branch out on your own.

Preventing suicide does not have to mean several expensive therapy sessions a week. With the help of technology, it can mean family conference calls,

YouTube yoga, and phone therapy. There are innumerable ways to counteract suicidal thoughts, and not all of them have to cost you money or time. It is important to not let time or monetary restraints stand in the way of mental wellbeing. Find alternatives through technology and start the process of recovery.



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