Are You A Man’s Man? Let’s Find Out

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Okay before we get into this, let’s make sure you know what a man’s man is. A man’s man is essentially a guy that all the other males look up to.

He’s the alpha male if you will, the leader of the pack and that certainly comes with a lot of advantages. Studies have shown that most women are naturally attracted to this alpha male for a variety of reasons.

Evolutionary tendencies play a part here. Don’t forget that in the past women were looking for a man who could protect them and produce strong offspring.

That’s obviously not what all women are looking for today, but those needs are still present as ghosts of their desires. So, let’s look at the traits of the man’s man and see if you fit the bill.

The Ultimate Specimen

It’s not a requirement for a man’s man to be the perfect physical specimen but it is more likely. For instance, you may not need to have a full head of hair to be a man’s man.

After all Jason Statham, boyfriend of fashion model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and all around action star is certainly a man’s man. He’s also quickly losing all his hair. T

herefore, you can afford to have one or two physical flaws. You just need to make sure that the rest of your physique is virtually perfect.

Money To Burn

If you constantly worry and fret about money and finances, we’re afraid you’re not a man’s man. These guys have money to burn because they earn massive amounts through their career or however they earn it.

Either way, the cost is never an object for these guys. You’ll commonly see them watching horse racing and betting big on their favourite champion.

Getting a free horse racing form guide won’t make you a man’s man but it’ll certainly get you closer than you are right now. You need to think about money different if you want to be a man’s man. It’s not something you worry about. It’s something that you always have to spend.


This is always high in the man’s man. They haven’t had any performance issues, they’re confident in what they have to offer, and they can perform.

They may not, despite rumours last for hours on end. But you can guarantee that once they are finished a woman will feel satisfied.

There are plenty of ways you can improve your libido from a better diet to more exercise. You can even practice mental techniques that will help you improve performance.

They Own The Room

Lastly, when a man’s man walks into a room all eyes will be on them, and they won’t care. Any room that they enter is theirs, and the dating scene belongs to them.

They will often be surrounded by other men who follow them and are very rarely lone wolfs. They need a pack to lead and can be the perfect wingman. As long as they don’t take the girl you’re after, for themselves.

So do you fit the bill of the man’s man? If so congratulations, you have reached the peak of the dating world.

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