Casual and Stylish: Vital Tips for Casual Dressers

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Even though it seems pretty simple, a lot of men still seem to get casual clothing wrong. Of course, maybe they’re happy with how they look.

If it works out for you, great! But if you’re feeling a bit stuck about your own casual wear? Then check out this essential guide.

Don’t be afraid to experiment

People often have a very strict image in their head when they think about casual clothing. This seems odd, considering the clothing is supposed to be quite, y’know, casual.

Still, people often think about simple shirts and blue jeans. Simple is effective, of course. But there’s a difference between simple and bland! A graphic t-shirt underneath a flannel shirt is a great example of experimentation. Get the colors right and you’ll have a great mix of simple and fun. Speaking of color…

Color makes a great focal point

Don’t be tempted to banish bright colors from your casual wardrobe once and for all. Sure, you may think that going too bright in too many places is a disaster.

And you may be right. But a nice, bold color can complement the more subtle elements of your outfit really well. One bright color among more neutral hues makes for a great focal point for your wardrobe. See what color suits your look best!

It needs to fit!

Make sure everything fits! Know your size. Try it on!

Make sure everything fits! Know your size. Try it on!

If you wear something that’s way too big for you, then it’s going to look like you want to look too casual. Going for the overly baggy look rarely works.

It tends to make you look oddly-shaped! The key to any kind of dress is complementing your frame. With that in mind, something that looks way too tight is also going to look a bit try-hard. Just like a manly Goldilocks, you want to find menswear that’s just right.

Know your measurements! Before you shop!


Incorporate the classics

Classics are classics for a reason, you know. You don’t have to worry too much about being clichéd. After all, there isn’t really one item of casual clothing that someone out there isn’t going to call a cliché.

See if there are classic elements to casual wear that you can incorporate to your look. After all, these things have weathered every short-lived trend out there.

Khakis, for example, remain a popular casual wardrobe addition. They often stand out more than blue jeans, but for all the right reasons.

Ribbed sweaters are also still going strong, as are pea coats. Make sure you’ve got some classics to hand if you ever feel stuck.

Get some inspiration

GQ and other fashion magazines are a great resource

GQ and other fashion magazines are a great resource

One of the best pieces of advice I can give you is to look for inspiration. Keep an eye out for it when you watch television or see photography.

I’m not saying you should simply buy whatever the models of a particular outlet are wearing. But you shouldn’t just let someone else’s dress drift past your recognition.

Take some mental notes. Heck, check out some casual menswear ideas on Pinterest if you have to! Sometimes, the right clothing ideas don’t just wander into your mind.

You have to go searching for them.

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