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When choosing formal wear, the event or occasion should primarily dictate what you wear. Of course, it can be hard, though. Knowing what to choose is a difficult endeavour, that leaves most men frustrated and confused. To help you out, this guide will go through the best way to choose your outfit, based on the event.


  • The Suit


Your suit is the main part of your outfit, and therefore the most important. The colour of your suit is very important. For a funeral, you should always wear black.

And, for a wedding, you should never wear black. Instead, you need a colour that’s more appropriate. Usually, a wedding will have a theme. So, you can tie it to that. If not, though, grey is a great colour that will look at place in any wedding.

The type of suit and fit is also important. You shouldn’t go to a work party in a full tuxedo. Nowadays, slim fit and skinny suits are the most popular.

But, you have to make sure that they work with your body shape. Of course, this means trying a few on. Sometimes, if you’re quite big, it can be better to go for something with a looser fit. But, this purely depends on you.

At super formal events, you should wear the type of outfit that is usually worn. So, for an awards ceremony, a tux would be well suited.


  • The Shoes


Your shoes are also very important. More for the colour, though. With a black or grey suit, you should always wear black shoes. For other colours, you have a choice.

Blue and brown go very well together. So, you may have to try some shoes on with your suit, just to make sure that you pick a good colour.

Of course, you also have to think about the style of shoe. In a navy blue suit, a pair of brown brogues will look good. But, in a black suit, a pair of black loafers may look best. This is also down to your preference, as everyone likes different kinds of shoe.


  • The Accessories


The accessories that you wear complete an outfit. So, you need to make sure that you choose them well. When wearing a suit, you should always wear a belt.

The colour of your belt should match your shoes as well as possible. A click belt is a great option, if you want something easy and discreet. You should also be wearing socks, hopefully. These should be a similar colour to your trousers, but a couple of shades lighter. And, of course, most suits are far from complete without a tie. A tie should be chosen to complement the rest of the suit. Choose a colour that is opposite on a colour wheel.
Hopefully, this will inspire you to tighten up your act and get your formal wear together. This sort of outfit can be stressful to wear. But, be confident.

Confidence will make any wardrobe faux pas look like nothing at all. Use social media and blogs for inspiration when choosing clothing. And, always have someone you trust give an honest opinion of your outfit.