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Hey Again - JD here…

I’ve got a good article for you today – but first here’s a favorite conversation starter of mine. It employs a bunch of my favorite techniques, all wrapped up into one.

Let’s cut to it. It goes like this:

“Hey – you look friendly – can you take a compliment?”

Her: “Well, yeah…”

You: “Me too. You go first.”

Her: “har har…okay…um…”

You: “Okay – that wasn’t fair. I put you on the spot. I’ll go first. Let’s see…(stand back, look her over…pause) You have…a great sense of style.”

Her: “Thank you”

You: “Okay, your turn” (slowly turn all the way around)

After she compliments you, say, “Hey, thanks – that’s one of my best features. Hi, I’m…..” and hold out your hand.

Here’s what this opener employs: You set some expectations by telling her she’s friendly. She’s more apt to be at this point – like when an old coach used to tell you he likes your hustle, and you hustled even more to impress him. It’s a little funny, and unexpected. You “turn it around” with the “you go first” reply. Lightens the mood, shows confidence.
Letting her off the hook – when she’s tounge-tied about what to say, you keep the conversation rolling effortlessly with, “I’ll go first”.

Adds a little drama and suspense – create a bit of tension by pausing, looking her over and showing physical interest, then surprising her with a non-sexual compliment. Women love to be complimented on their style, or something other than their looks. Sets you apart.

Let her compliment you – it’s only fair at this point. Turning around and peacockng a little shows confidence and swagger. And now, once she’s returned the compliment, she’s seeing that there is something about you she likes.

The delayed introduction – and physical contact. Hi, my name is….and the handshake.

Then, after she introduces herself (you just got her name) ask her if she’s single.

Whether it’s yes or no, you can launch into one of the great opinion gambits or other conversations I’ve developed over the years, and that I teach you step by step in My audio programs.

When a man who has had limited success with women first embarks on his journey to improve his success with women, he faces many different hurdles. The fear that accompanies approaching and engaging women he doesn’t know is tough for many men; the task of learning to be confident and at ease handling infinite varieties of
social scenarios can appear overwhelming.

But it doesn’t have to be. Most of the battle is know a clear direction for what you are trying to accomplish.

Men with a clear vision of what they want - be it a girlfriend, *many* girlfriends, greater ability to socialize and engage members of the opposite sex, greater comfort in social
situations - are usually successful at pushing themselves enough to reach the object of their desires. On the other hand, men with unclear and undefined objectives tend to quit their efforts to improve before those efforts ever really take off.

Before you decide to begin this journey into improving your luck with women, or even if you’ve been at it for a while, it’s important that you take a little time to know your path. You’re going to be putting a lot of time and effort and emotion into *walking* that path. To get the kind of long term dedication you need to truly be successful, you have to know what you want, and want it bad enough.

First things first… what got you interested in improving your skills with women in the beginning? Most men never bother to do what you are doing. They say, “I’m fine where I am… I don’t need to get any better,” despite the fact that they aren’t even close to being happy with their love lives. So what got you to my website reading this article?

If you’re like most men, it’s because you are dissatisfied with what you’re getting from your current relations with women and you want to take things up a notch. Maybe you want more action. Maybe you want to date higher quality girls. Maybe you are just dipping your toes into the dating pool, or have been out of it for a long

Each of these reasons is perfectly good as a starting point. Once you get beyond the starting point, if you want to really stay the course and achieve great success - whatever that means to you – you are going to need more than that.

Throughout life, most of us have a habit of trying new things because we are vaguely interested or think it would be cool to be good at that, then lose interest and motivation after a little while of trying our hand at it and end up abandoning it altogether. The reason why we move on rather than stick with it comes from a lack of investment - we fail to see what continued effort will accomplish, so we give up the ghost, so to speak.

Getting good with women is important. It is, perhaps, the most life-altering thing you can do for yourself. In order to truly get great with girls, you will make yourself into a better man than you ever envisioned you could be before you began the journey. It’s
maybe the biggest possible motivation to improve. When you don’t have the kind of high quality girl that you know would make you happy, it creates an immense amount of drive to do what you need to do - to get her.

The men who achieve incredible success are the ones who know, for certain, what they want. The 20 minutes it might take to spend thinking about this will save you hours of your life and bring you weeks and months closer to your goals.

Almost every man I talk to about this subject tells me he just needs to get better at talking to women. And that is so true. Many man realize they need to do this – but so few realize how simple it is, and how it is really the most important aspect of creating a connection and sexual energy with a woman. Simply talking to her in an interesting way.

You do that, and you are 90 percent of the way home.

Now if you want to get better at talking to women and you’ve made the decision to do it I have the perfect program for you. It’s called Complete Conversation Technique. Talking to a woman in any situation is absolutely key in establishing that one thing she’s looking for when she gets approached: a “connection”.

If you know anything about women, you know that they are emotionally-based creatures. And how you feel about her has no importance to her whatsoever - it’s how she feels about you. And that has everything to do with how you make her feel - and that’s where the connection comes in. And establishing a connection with a woman is actually very simple once you know how to do it.
And all you really have to do is have a conversation with her.

So many men approach women and come on with the cocky routine or some rehearsed lines – and that stuff has infiltrated society so much that women aren’t only aware of it - they hate it.

The know you’re hitting on her - in the wrong way. You aren’t establishing a connection. At least in her mind. And like I said - that’s the most important thing: How she feels about you. If she feels connected or not.

Because you could be head over heels for her - and that doesn’t mean a thing to her. If she doesn’t feel it for you, then you are sunk.

But the true master at the pick up knows that being stealthy - holding off on getting the phone number for example - and just having a great conversation with her will make her 100 times more likely to feel the connection she needs to want to get more of you.

Let’s face it - in this electronic age, people are starving for a real connection with somebody. You are, she is - everybody. Texting, computers, cell phones, online “dating” - it’s all served to not bring us closer together but actually isolate us from one another.

And along the way the art of conversation got lost.

Well, I’m here to help you bring it back - and slingshot you to the front of the line when it comes to making a real connection with a woman…and then, of course, picking her up.

In my audio program Complete Conversation Technique you will learn ideas and tactics for approaching and talking to women in almost any situation imaginable: on the street, at the gym, in a club…you name it.

And over the last 10 years I’ve developed and refined two extremely effective stealth techniques that you won’t find anywhere else.

One is how to identify and isolate the mega-hottie from a group of girls - and actually have the entire group’s blessing when it’s time to take your target woman “away” for a while. It’s so perfect because I’ve been refining this technique for the last five years in the field and I personally use it all the time. You have to know this one.

The second is my exclusive conversation technique that you can use to get her thinking and feeling “sex” without coming off like a pervert or creep. It’s so “Stealth” and effective she won’t know what hit her until she’s already all over you.

This technique works online as well as in person - and I know. And so do hundreds
of men whom I’ve taught it to - because it simply works.

These two exclusive techniques alone are worth the price of this program - which is a lot less than you’ll spend on another dinner date with nothing to say to her.

And if you find yourself taking woman after woman on traditional dates and aren’t getting anywhere with them, you have to get my audio program The Perfect Date - Volume One. Quite simply it’s how to not pay for dates, and why you shouldn’t. And it’s full of great mindset and strategies for getting numbers, where to take her for next to nothing, and how to get her on your couch fast - where of course you can put my conversation techniques into play and get her making out fast!

Complete Conversation Technique will give you tons of great conversation starters and the perfect things to talk about on your “priming dates” (explained in Perfect Date Volume I). Never be at a loss of what to say again.

It’s not a bunch of canned lines - it’s ideas that lead to instant, on-the-spot conversations about things you don’t have to memorize.
Just some of what you’ll learn:

  • Use conversation to get her sexually turned on
  • What makes a great conversation and why it works
  • Topics women love to talk about - and what to avoid
  • How to isolate a woman from a group and get her talking alone with you – step by step
  • How to approach a conversation with multiple women
  • What to talk about with a woman you’ve just approached
  • Over 50 great conversation starters
  • The best time to talk to a woman at the gym
  • What does and doesn’t work when approaching a woman “on the street”
  • The art of a calculated silence – tips from Maya Jordan
  • Approach Techniques that work
  • A fool-proof opener and conversation starter for all women
  • A list of do’s and don’ts – You need to know these to be successful
  • The best way to show your sexual interest in her without creeping her out
  • The art of creating mystery in a conversation

And the kicker is an exclusive conversation technique you will not find anywhere else that gets her worked up fast and thinking sexually about you – I personally developed and use this one all the time. This one works – every time. There are so many men who can’t talk to women – but talk to themselves all the time. Like when they talk themselves out of approaching a woman in a variety of situations.

Make the decision to get better with women, and get better at talking to women. Once you purchase and listen to Complete Conversation Technique - or any of my audio programs - you will better than you ever imagined.

This stuff works.

Til next time.

Live the Lifestyle,

For me - having confidence to approach women was as simple as know what - anything - to say.

J.D.’s Conversation starters got me off and running fast!

Alex K.

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