Three Tips for DIY Makeover

by | Jan 28, 2017 | Exclusive Tips Articles |

You have never been much good at DIY, have you? You’ve never been any good with your hands, and you’ve never really liked getting your clothes dirty, which has meant you’ve not made any home improvements in the past ten years.

You’ve always been more of a ‘sit back and let nature take it’s course’ kind of guy, which is why that shelf still isn’t up, three years after the missus asked you to do it.

If you sit back any further, you’ll be vertical and then you won’t even be able to partake in your favourite pass time: watching the daytime and evening gameshows.

And if you let nature take it’s course anymore, you’re going to look like a lumberjack by the end of the month, what with the way your hair has been allowed to grow as of late. But fear not, there are in fact ways in which you can sort your own makeover out, without even needing to leave the house.

DIY makeovers may sound like a lot of work, but it beats having to go out to the barbers and spending money, right?

Firstly, you are going to have to deal with that hair: it’s become out of control and needs to go. You could invest in the Wall Professional 5-Star Magic Clip, found in the Manly Matters’ selection, and before you know it you’ll be trimming your own hair to a professional standard, in your own bathroom.

And while you’re at it, you can get rid of the beard and moustache that you have been meaning to trim for the past two weeks. In this day and age a whole host of styles of hair, beard and moustaches are widely accepted, so you can have the pick of the bunch.

Secondly, you can start to care for your skin the way it deserves to be cared for, especially after all the years of service it’s given to you thus far in your life.

There are a whole host of bath and shave products for men out there that are just waiting to be used by you as you undertake your modern makeover. Even though it may be late in the day to do so (even later for some men), it is never too late to star caring for your skin.

Thirdly, in order get your finger back placed firmly on the pulse of the latest trends, you have got to update your wardrobe. You remember the times when you used to wear all the latest fashions, don’t you?

Well why can’t you do that again? Go out and buy the latest trends, and if you don’t even know where to start with that, well, it’s amazing what you can find out on the internet, these days.


So, there you have it, three ways in which you can take matters in to your own hands and give yourself that all-important makeover; because nobody is going to do it for you, are they?