Common First Date Worries and How to Overcome Them

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Common First Date Worries and How to Overcome Them

Whether you’ve never been on a date before or you’re an experienced romancer, meeting someone for the first time can be a nervous occasion.

You may have only seen a picture of your date, or perhaps you haven’t even had that luxury, and there’s no guarantee that you’ll share much in common.

On the other hand, a first date is an exciting prospect. It should represent a clean slate that could ultimately lead to a long and fulfilling relationship or even just the start of a great new friendship.

If you’ve got a first date coming up and are wracked with worry, here are some ways to relax.

The venue

One of the many decisions that will need to be made before your date concerns the venue. If it’s your turn to pick the location, make it somewhere that you genuinely like, rather than somewhere you’ve chosen to look impressive. That way, you can talk easily about the reasons behind your choice and it also tells your date something about you. You should, however, check that your venue is suitable for your date.

Somewhere that does all-you-can-eat meat platters may not be the best for a vegetarian and a ticket to the London Eye may not be appreciated by sufferers of vertigo. : )

The future

Just try to enjoy the moment and don’t spend the first date worrying about the possibilities of a second or what you’re going to call your first-born son.

There can be a temptation to over think everything on the first date. If you’re obsessing over how to seduce women you’re probably not going to give a great impression, so just relax and let things take their course.

What you look like when you’re eating

A common worry that people have on first dates is looking foolish or messy when eating. The important thing to realise is that it can’t be helped.

There’s isn’t an elegant way of chomping into a rack of ribs, but don’t order the salad instead if that’s not what you want to eat. Any date that doesn’t want to see you again because you got ketchup on your shirt, probably isn’t worth seeing again.

Getting the right style

Dressing right for a first date is an understandable concern – after all, first impressions count for a lot. In order to overcome this anxiety, remember that there is no right or wrong outfit for your first date.

The best approach to take is to try to match the occasion or venue. If you are going to a high-end restaurant, dress a little more formally than a high-street burger chain, for example.

Whether you’re knowledgeable enough

Conversation topics are a common source of anxiety and in particularly, whether your date will think less of you for not knowing the latest trends in politics or high culture, or knowing too much about them and waffling on.

If a relationship is going to last the distance, you’ll eventually have to come to terms with your different interests, so be open and explain your likes and dislikes. Don’t be embarrassed to be yourself!

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