10 Alpha Male Traits You Need to Know

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Women Love an Alpha Male

Do men rule the world or do women rule the world?

Sometimes it’s hard to tell. Look, somebody has to rule the world. Heck – somebody has to rule your relationships. It’s either you – or her. How do you want it to be?

Do you ever laugh when women say they rule the world? For a lot of men, Women do rule the world because they are able to control and manipulate men with sex.But that is only because men let them. That’s right - if you are being controlled by a woman, it’s not her fault. It’s yours.

Just take a look around you sadly, it happens every day. Women use men to get what they want. And our society lets them get away with this it permits them to be hypocrites, crying out for equal rights, while at the same time demanding that men pay for them, do their bidding, and cater to their every whim.


I have spent years observing them in action. The majority of women who have read my book respond with, “How do you know women so well?” and I answer, “Just by watching what they do.”

And that’s a key concept gents. You have to ignore what women say, and pay attention to what they do. They say they want to be in charge – but the always fall for a guy who can take charge of them. They say they want a nice guy – but they’re always out bangin’ some “bad boy.” I know most of you have graduated to the point where you know it’s not going to work to be a so-called “nice guy”. These are the type of guys women “rule” over.
And knowing this – a lot of guys make the jump to the other extreme: being a jerk or acting like a “bad boy”. And you’ve probably found out there is some success in the “bad boy” arena. But it’s usually fleeting. The problem is that men create this choice between two bad extremes, both of which can and will lead to “no women” in the end.

The Nice Guy

The problem with nice guys is, they not only listen to a woman to find out where she is at but they lose themselves in the woman’s emotions . If she is upset, he becomes upset too . If she is a little bit anxious about sex, he gets anxious and takes on her anxiety for his own. He doesn’t just listen; he loses himself in the woman. And of course, romantically, this is suicide. This situation is what I call a lose-lose. The man and the women are both unsatisfied.

The Bad Boy

Now, bad boys are able to lead and direct. The problem is, they don’t care at all about stepping on a woman’s feelings to do it . So they end up either attracting damaged women or damaging the women they attract. To win, the jerk has to make other people lose. This situation is what I call a win-lose. Somebody comes out on top, somebody loses. And at one time or another – it’s both parties.

If you really want to rule over you women – it’s important not to take either extreme as your be-all end-all. What you should be shooting for is being the alpha male. This is what we call a win-win.

You win, because you have her under your spell and control – she wins because you are giving her the kind of experience and man she wants.

Just to give you a taste of some great alpha male characteristics, I’m going to share some information from last Wednesday’s Web show: “Wed Night Attitude.” I spent an hour detailing each of these characteristics – but for space and time’s sake you’ll just get the basics of each – but it should be more than enough to set you in the right direction.

10 Alpha Characteristics You Can Start to Employ in Your Own Life

1. Live a Life That You Are Proud Of
Alpha Males are sexy because they don’t depend on anyone else to tell them ‘who they are’. An Alpha Male works hard for what he has. A man takes the lead in situations, from his career to in the dating arena. A man is responsible and accountable for all of his actions. The alpha male is proud of who he is and what he does. Because of this, he is confident; and we all feel more comfortable around and attracted to those who are confident.

2. Control Your Emotions
Alpha Males may be emotional, but they do not show it. They are able to control their emotions through their sense of reason and good grasp of reality. Don’t confuse this with repressing your emotions. You can still feel anger – for example. You have no choice there. But you DO have a choice in how you react to it. Do you throw the TV, or quietly excuse yourself from the situation? Women are devastatingly attracted to men who they can’t rattle. To really get this part of your life in order – you need to get my 2-hour program: Total Control. By the time you are done listening and employ the over 30 control techniques in this powerful audio – you’ll have a little angel on your hands. She’ll be begging to do stuff for you.

3. Good Cologne
I can’t stress this enough, but your sexual scent is one of the most important parts of being sexy. Women are not attracted to looks the way men are – and never to on thing alone - the way you smell makes a huge difference in how sexy they find you. If you have to, get some help, spend some time and some money. It’s worth it. And unless you are 14 years old – stay away from canned spray-on scents like Axe. Women really hate that stuff.

4. Let Women Know That You Are Attracted to Them Sexually
This is so important. If you want to stay out of the friend zone with women – and I’ll be you do – then you have to show sexual interest. You make women aroused when you show sexual desire and act like you want them.

A man who’s not afraid to show that he likes women is going to be sleeping with them. There’s some great techniques for this in my audio programs, The Perfect Date Volume 1 and 2, which adds up to 5 hours of our best dating and sexual moves material.

5. Be Masculine with a Small Hint of Sensitive
Short version: Alpha Males get 100 times more credit for the smallest little things. Pay attention to her likes and dislikes. Out of the blue, employ some little thing you picked up about her quirks or habits or likes – and she will be your love slave. When she gets the “oh, you do care!” vibe – you’ve hit the jackpot.

6. Stare Into Her Eyes
Don’t hold back… especially after you say something that you really mean. Maintaining confident eye contact is a key component of attraction. Not only does the person you are speaking with feel ‘heard’, but you are also showing DOMINANCE. Male dominance is sexy. Again – tons of great moves and dominance techniques in Total Control and just about every audio program we have over at the Modern Male Lifestyle. Need to know which one is for you? Write to us and ask.

7. Check Your Posture
Yep, your mom and your elementary school teachers were right. Head up, shoulders back, no fidgeting. It’s that simple.

8. Say What You Think, Want, and Need
Disagree with her if necessary. Stand up for yourself. Decide that your opinions matter and then express them. Be unashamedly unpredictable. Most people have a hard time express their needs and wants and are afraid to stand by their convictions.

You will be a break from the norm by speaking your mind.  And a break from the norm perfectly describes an Alpha Male.

9. Find Your Best Quality and Show It … All of the Time
I don’t care what it is. If you have strong shoulders, show them in a nicely tailored jacket. If you have a mind, talk about what you dream about. Work whatever you’ve got.
When you focus on the awesome stuff about yourself, the crap fades. You are only sexy in her eyes if you are sexy in your own eyes first. So focus your attention on what’s awesome about you, and she will pick up on it.

10. Tell Don’t Ask
You’ll hear this one a lot from me. Simply give direction. People – and especially women – are starved for a leader and are always secretly waiting for someone to tell them what to do – to give their life direction. Even if you want to ask a question – make sure it can’t be phrased as a command before you ask it.

Eg: What are you passionate about? = Tell me what you are passionate about.

That’s just a taste of what you need to know to be an alpha male.

The good news is that any man can become one - if just has the desire. Our COMPLETE AUDIO TRAINING will teach everything you need to know.

What you learn here you will take with you for the rest of your life.

J.D. Dallas

Dating Coach, Modern Male Lifestyle