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Nailing the rock star look isn’t easy. You don’t have to shell out on piercings and tattoos, or be of a certain crowd. Anyone can pull it off with the right amount of charisma and confidence simply by adopting some of these clothing ideas.

Kick off your look

A good pair of shoes can make all the difference. The rest of your clothes needn’t be anything special – you could wear a plain tee and some jeans, but if your footwear is designer it will complete your entire image.

A good pair of shoes can sell for over a hundred pounds, but you needn’t pay this amount. Time your purchase with online sales when you may be able to save up to 70%. If you don’t mind wearing used shoes, you may also be able to find a super deal online.

Wear a statement piece

A statement piece is generally an accessory that’s loud and displays a level of outward self-assurance. You need a statement piece that suits you. This could be a piece of jewellery, as found on a site such as https://www.frostnyc.com.

Alternatively, you could wear a bold jacket. The ultimate statement piece is a hat, although you should probably steer clear of a top hat or a fez. Go into a local store and try on a few hats for size to see which types feel most natural on you.

The perfect smart-casual balance

A delicate balance of smart and casual can show that you’re relaxed but still carrying a level of sophistication. You can match a blazer with an open collar shirt and jeans. Alternatively, you can go super casual but tie off your look with some smart tan shoes or boots. You can look here http://www.houseoffraser.co.uk/Mens+Shoes/4161,default,sc.html for some examples of smart-casual shoe.

Be tasteful with shades

Shades might seem like the ultimate statement of cool, and in most cases you can’t go wrong. However, there are times when you can look like you’re trying too hard. Wearing shades indoors is the biggest crime you can commit.

Stay practical and only bring them out in the warm weather. Designer shades can be real rip-off items – unless you’re mixing with a crowd that’s likely to take note of brands, a normal supermarket variety is sure to have the same effect.

Look to the past

Throwing in a few retro items of clothing now and again can spice up your look. This could include an old leather jacket or some old Levis. Vintage clothing can often be much cheaper, providing you shop at the right places.

Trendy vintage areas aren’t the places to shop unless you’re really into your brands. You may be able to find a second-hand jacket in charity shop for a fraction the price. Always inspect second-hand gear for damage before buying it. If you’re shopping online, make sure that the seller provides photos and feel free to ask them about the condition.

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