Securing the Second Date

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The world of dating is a minefield. It’s hard enough to pluck up the courage to ask somebody on a date in the first place. But once you’ve overcome that first hurdle, you need to make sure you impress on the date.

There are a whole load of things you should definitely avoid on a date, but what should you be doing? Here are a few tips to make your date successful, and hopefully secure a second one.

Watch What You Drink

If you are going out for dinner, you’ll probably have a few drinks with your food. That’s fine, but just be careful how much you drink. Know your limits and stick to them.

Have a few drinks but if you start to feel yourself getting drunk, then take a break. There’s nothing worse than being on a date with somebody who is being loud and obnoxious because they’re drunk. Publicly embarrassing your date is a sure-fire way to make sure they never want to see you again.

Dress Well

Turning up to a first date in a dirty t-shirt and jeans will be an instant turn off. If you can’t be bothered to make the effort for your first date, then you can’t expect her to either.

She will be unlikely to want to see you again if it seems like you’re not even bothered enough to put some nice clothes on. A nice suit from a place like Carl Nave tailored suits, will really impress your date and show her that you care enough to put a bit of thought into the evening.

Be Polite

Having good basic table manners might not seem like something you need to think about too much, but for some people it is. If you are rude to waiters in a restaurant, this will ring alarm bells for your date. If you are that rude to a stranger, how are you going to treat her in future?

Also avoid belching, and anything else that might gross her out. Remember, you want her to find you attractive, and there’s nothing less attractive than a man that picks his nose at dinner.

Be Yourself

It can often be tempting on a first date to act in the way that you think she wants you to. But remember, the reason that she agreed to go on a date with you in the first place, is that she likes you for you.

If you spend the evening acting like a different person, she might end up thinking that she misjudged you and you aren’t the person she thought you were.


The most tense moment of any date is when the check arrives. Fifty years ago it was much simpler, the man paid and that was that. These days it’s a bit more tricky.

Some women might prefer to split the bill while others will be expecting you to pay. It’s always a risk to suggest splitting the bill straightaway, if she was expecting you to pay then it will be a very awkward moment.

The safest option is to offer to pay the whole bill and if she wants to split then she will tell you. If you do pay, you can subtly ask for a second date by suggesting that she pays next time.

There is also the great strategy of simply not paying for a first date - to learn exactly how to do this and what type of date you can go on to make it perfect - check out our Perfect Date Series audio class.

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