Taking The Lead Throughout YOUR Wedding Plans

by | Apr 1, 2017 | Exclusive Tips Articles |

Getting married is a massive step for any man to take. Reaching the point in your relationship where it feels right to pop the question is huge.

Yet, for some reason, many men fall into the trap of taking a backseat role throughout the planning. However, you were the person that put the wheels in motion by asking your partner to marry you.

And it’s about time that you started taking charge throughout the process too.

Of course, the bride-to-be should play an equally integral role. But letting outsiders like friends, family, and planners stick their noses in could compromise your dreams. Given the amount of money this day is going to cost you, anything less than the best should not be an option.

It’s great if your guests enjoy the big day too. Ultimately, though, the two people exchanging rings are the ones that matter most.

It’s not just the day that needs to be considered. Taking control throughout the entire process should be on the agenda. Organizing your own bucks party might break the tradition slightly, but the event is about you.

Make the best man aware of your attentions, and leave him to focus on ensuring everyone turns up. This way, you can ensure that you won’t be crossing any boundaries to annoy the Mrs too.

As for the wedding itself, the key is to find a balance between your personal tastes. As a loving couple, you’ll probably share a lot of interests and preferences. Nonetheless, you will no doubt each have a number of items that mean more to you than others.

Looking good on the big day is a crucial goal for both parties. This guide to wedding suits should provide ample inspiration.

If either of your families has a tradition, such as wearing kilts, then you should consider these. On the other hand, it’s imperative that you feel comfortable and at your best. If those attires aren’t right for you, stick to the ideas that do.

In truth, you’re probably a little less likely to care about things like cake decorations and flower arrangements. Conversely, your future wife has probably been thinking about it for years. Surrendering those elements lets her have her magical day while giving you bartering power for other issues.

These elements could range from the evening meal to the first dance song.

Ultimately, you’ll be sure to have a great day regardless. From your perspective, people are the key to happiness. After the wedding day itself, though, there’s the matter of the honeymoon.

After being more than fair with the marriage, taking control of this holiday should be down to you. Choosing a once-in-a-lifetime destination is vital. After all, this is the most significant vacation you’ll ever take.

Arranging a wedding is stressful, but those efforts are well worthwhile if it sets you on the pathway to a long and happy marriage.

Given that the wedding is about her as well as you, it’s important not to be too commanding. Nevertheless, it is your day. Find that right balance, and you’ll both be happy - individually, and as a couple.

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